Forever and Ever Book 12: Because of You by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 12: Because of You by E.L. Todd
174 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Life is beautiful now that we are back together. Waking up in his arms is truly a blessing but there is still that nagging feeling of those months we were apart. I know I shouldn`t question what brought Cayson back to me but I am still scared. I love how attentive and possessive he is now but Ward is just a friend. Yet no matter how hard I try to convince there is a little in me when he gets jealous about Ward. Can our love overcome this little jealously?

This cannot be happening. I am into women yet something about Heath just makes me want him. I don`t know how it happened but somehow all I can think about Heath. His smile, his laugh, the way he makes me feel is something I have never felt with a woman. Jasmine tells me maybe I have feelings for both sexes but can it be possible. I know one thing for sure I am into girls no way not into guys. Especially Heath who somehow has gotten under my skin. I am Roland Preston and I fucked up confused.

I finally did it. Me, Slade in a band playing my music finally has come. Don`t get me wrong I still want to be a tattoo artist but something about music just gets me. The best part is knowing my baby Trinity is there for me just makes this rush of exciting thrilling. I am ready for more with Trinity yet marriage is not in the cards. What we have is so much more than marriage she is my everything. Can I convince her we don`t need no license or vows just each other.

There is something about Rome my secretary that has me bothered. I am her both, Thomas, the one person she can rely on but I want her. I am not like the other lecherous men in my company but I want Rome. When she was sick I went above and beyond to comfort her something I have never done before with previous secretaries. Yet she has cold shouldered me and it is bothering me. I don`t want to come across like the other men but for the first time a woman is getting under my skin.

I have never had anybody have so much faith in me and hope. Yet ever since I landed in jail Ryan, Trinitys father and mother have been by me. I yearned for each day to hear about their lives and about my woman. I still have no idea why they believe I can be better but I don`t want to fail them. For the first time in my life someone is giving me hope that anything is possible like Trinity. I don`t deserve this second chance but for Ryan I am trying my hardest to not make him regret taking a chance on me. Problem is can I stay away from Trinity after I get my chance at redeeming my life.

From all the books in this series I have to say this one was moving me all the way. Ryan taking a chance on Arsen was truly like a christian movie coming to life showing a man that chances are possible. I was happy to see Arsen get a chance at having a life he never thought was possible for him. The persistence and never giving up on him made me just love Ryan and Janice more for this. Slade is also making me love him more for how in tune he is with Trinity and how the music is not changing him so far. The love they have is just like Ryan and Janice in the beginning full of passion, hate and chemistry spellbounding. Now Roland I have to say is like a lightbulb went inside and hillarious seeing how his whole take of well his newfound orientation will do to him. All in all this is getting more interesting and feeling there is a whole lot more to take with E.L. Todd and her Forever and Ever series.


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