Up in the Treehouse by K.K. Allen

Up in the Treehouse by K.K. Allen
Ebook and Print
July 19, 2016

I have only have had 2 friends. One is a book that the other friend gave me. It was a book that held all my secrets, dreams, fears and well just all my secrets. Secrets I was never able to tell the other person considering it would change everything. You see Gavin Rhodes is the other one who has been with me ever since we moved to his town. Him and his twin brother, Devon, were always there for me but somehow Devon started wanting me. We were like the Three Musketeers except somewhere in high school things started gettng complicated. I always thought I would end up wth Gavin for he had my heart ever since I was twelve years old and saw for the first time these twin brothers. Ever snce then my life has never been the same. Yet it is because of me that life did change terribly and now four years later the past is coming back. Four years ago I was a scared graduate and now I just want to be wth Gavin for he still has my heart. Once he finds out the truth will we ever get back the love I always knew was for him only.

She is back and I am confused. I want to hate her yet everything in me still remembers who she used to be, the only girl I have ever loved. No matter what my heart wants I cannot have her for she belongs to my brother Devon. Everybody knows what a manwhore my brother is and he doesn`t deserve my Chloe. We used to be great friends but high school changed everything and every part of me just wants things to be the same like before with my best friend. Every woman I have been with the last four years always have come up short for they are not my Chloe. I know it is wrong to love her but a life wthout her is unbearable. All I want are the answers to my questions of what happened four years. Why she leave? Why did I never man up and tell her how I felt? Where do we go from here?

Okay in one word this book was AWESOME. Let me tell you this book had it all for me, love, passion, friendship, betrayal it just surpassed everything I look for in a book. K.K. Allen did a beautiful job in Chloe and Gavin I wanted more from them. So much lies, secrets and betrayal in this book it will knock you off your feet. The love that Gavin has for Chloe is magical and after all these four years he still wants her. The love that Chloe has just goes above and beyond and the sacrifices she does to make sure he has a good life was wow. Ths book will make you cry, laugh, swoon and well just WOW. Loved it and cannot wait to see what else in store by this talented author highly recommended.


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