Forever and Ever Book 14: Forever with You by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 14: Forever with You by E.L Todd
170 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Ward is unlike any man I have known and this chemistry between us just keeps getting stronger. Going to London to his hometown is not something I was looking forward to but I wanted to know more about him. Our nights are filled wth hot sex and man can he make my toes curl. Everything was great until the family comes in well his sister. I knew the bubble we were in was going to burst soon but I wanted more time with him.

I gave her everything. I gave her my heart and soul. Treated her like a queen but she wants the damn marriage. Why can`t we have what we have right now forever? Why must we label what we have with a piece of paper. She knew when we started this marriage was not it for me. I never gave her any dea that this was where it was going to end. As stubborn as she is I still want her and will fight to get her back in my life.

Ryan has faith in me. This is somethng that still feels unreal to me. Yeah I graduated in motorcycle school and got my G.E.D. but still all this feels so weird to me. I feel like all this will go away and now he thinks I am ready to meet my daughter. I know I have come a long way with running my own shop but the thought of somehow failing Abby scares me more. I know this is the last step to prove to Ryan that I am a better man now for Silke than I used to be.

I cannot believe it has come to this. Slade and Trinity not together just seems like the world has fallen of its axis. Compared to Cayson and Skye these two are destined for each other. I have to say though Clementine and Ward`s new romance is definitely going places she never expected to go. I love seeing this new couple amidst everything happening. I am so proud as well for Arsen in how far he has come through. Cannot wat to see how he will be wth his little girl and what E.L. Todd has in store for Trinity and Slade.


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