Forever and Ever Book 15: A Hole in my Heart by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 15: A Hole in my Heart by E.L Todd
169 pages
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

I always thought Silke was my everything but everything changes when I man up and see my little girl. Six years I lost because I was not strong enough to be the dad she needs. Now she is all I can think of my lttle Abby. For a six year old she is smart and looks just like me. This little girl has me wrapped around her finger and I will do everything I can to always have her happy. Ryan and Janice has helped me so much and knowing that they are her adoptive grandparents makes me feel more like I belong wth them now. Now all I need is Silke?

Skye says I shouldn`t make it easy for him. To leave him alone but I still want him. I still cannot believe he doesnt understand why marriage is s important to me. I am still mad at him but every time we start arguing our basic instincts take over and I want his body. I know sleeping with him is bad but my heart still wants him. I never thought we will be like this towards each other. Will I ever find my happiness again?

Love should not be one side. Everyone around me has found it and I thought with Beatrice it will be forever. I really thought what I was doing was helping her. She didn`t want to see her father and thought maybe in time she will come around. I gave her my heart and soul and she threw t all away. Will I ever learn to not give my love freely?

Conrad is my best frend and I hurt that he is feeling heartache and pain. I want him to be happy like I am with Heath. I always thought women were it for me but being with Heath is unlike anything I have ever felt. I want to be the one for him but still wonder about women. Am I bi or gay?

This book just teared me apart in every way. It felt like we were at the beginning with Slade and Trinity yet this time is worse. The passion is there and have to say through all this my heart really aches for Slade. Through all the books we never have seen this side of him. He seems tough, macho but his heart beng ripped out just makes him a shell of what he used to be. The thought of Trinity with another man tears him apart and he knows what he has to do. I do have to say through the darkness there is light and Arsen`s story just brings me happiness. I loved that deep down is a man who just needed a chance to be who he really is meant to be. The love he has for his little girl was so sweet and cannot wait for more of his story. Stay tuned for more of everybody for E.L. Todd s definitely not stopping.


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