Hitched Volume 2 by Kendall Ryan

Hitched Volume 2 by Kendall Ryan
Ebook and Print
July 19, 2016
4 1/2 moons

She is finally mine. All these years and Olivia is my wife. Sure the way it happened was not the usual fall in love and romance proposal but I can now say we are together as a couple. One thing I always counted on was her coming through this and yes my heart almost stopped when there was a delay in the wedding but not it is on to phase 2. Ths is the part I still have not manned up to really tell her more of the inheritance. She says she won`t succumb to my charms but something about just being wth her is making me see I want more. Sex was something that came easily for me but this is s more than just sex with her. Just when I think everything will be okay she starts seducing me in ways I never expected. Can I still be the gentleman when everything below wants to be with her and now my heart is fighting to keep her?

I always thought when I got married it will be with the man who loved and cherished me. Never did I expect to be marrying the biggest Playboy ever. Everybody tells me to just get it on and be with hm. I wll not be disappointed by his well big rocket. Sure it has been months since I been with a man but I want more than just sex with my husband. Even now just the thought of sayng that out loud, my husband seems weird to me. It is supposed to be a marriage of convenience but he is making me see a different side of him nobody has seen before. Can I continue this charade of a marriage or finally know how it is to bed my husband?

Part 2 of Hitched by Kendall Ryan is coming off wth a bang. Ths is the part where we get to see more of Noah interact with his wife and have to say it was hilarious. From the start Kendall Ryan shows us Noah as a womanizer always getting whatever woman is in sight but the tables have been turned on him. I loved that Olivia fights tooth and nail but come on this is her sexy, gorgeous husband and when she is ready he is scared. It was funny to see him this way showing us that when the rght woman comes in his life it is more than just sex now for him. Cannot wait to see the last part in this for one thing for sure is Olivia is pissed and intrigued to see how Noah wll get out of ths. Loved it.


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