Oni Fighters Book 3: Challenge by Natalie Gayle

Oni Fighters Book 3: Challenge by Natalie Gayle
422 pages
Ebook and Print

Women are a dime a dozen. You bed one and others will follow. I never had a problem wth getting one. Yet somehow through all the women I have had none have gotten under my skin like Sophia Sommers. She is beautiful, sexy and like me a fighter in the dojo I go to. As a Onigashma Fighter we are trained to always bring our game and man she is perfect for me. The thing is it started as a friend’s with benefits thing and somewhere along the way she said the three words I swore I will never stay long enough for a woman to say to me. Yet it is those three words that have changed everything in our relationship now. She is the one who has been there for me unlike my parents, only one to be blunt with me. I know I am sounding like an asshole rght now but not beng mobile is not me. I have no dea what made this happen for something about the night with Sophia is nagging me. What did happen that night? Can I be the man my Sophia needs when it is time?

I knew it was wrong to hook up with him but he has always been the man for me. Seth Harris may be a womanizer but I know I can tame him if only he opens up more about himself. No matter how much I want him I also want the brass ring and this is finally my time to train and get a match. Xander, my new brother-in-law says I am ready for this match but life has a different path for me now. I never expected this or what happened to Seth. Somehow though being by his side comes so easily for me. He says he doesn`t need me but I know my love for him is what he needs to get stronger. Can I get all I have dreamed of having in my life without losing a part of myself?

Oh my god I am so excited that Natale Gayle has Book 3 and it is about Seth. Have to say in Xander and Eden`s story Seth definitely piqued my interest. He is the Playboy of the gang and can have any woman he wants. What I loved about Seth the most is that though he seems tough, macho and no need of love he is insde a lttle boy yearning for love. The chemistry between him and Sophia was beyond passionate for it shows how easy they complete each other. This is one series you don`t want to miss and this book just shows how talented Natalie Gayle is. I mean to bring a sexy, gorgeous womanizer see what has been missing from his life right in front of his nose and man up was hot.


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