The Clayton Falls Series Book 1 to 3 by Alyssa Rose Ivy

The Clayton Falls Series Books 1 to 3 by Alyssa Rose Ivy
701 pages
4 moons

Clayton Falls the one place I never saw myself coming back to. Yet in a weird way it is also the only place where I know will heal me. I thought Adam was my everything but things don`t always go as planned. All I thought was right has ended and the only person who is there for her is also a man from her past. Ben is the one man and friend who is there rght now helping me. Through it all though she knows she will just ruin him like she did years ago breaking his heart. Can she stay in Clayton Falls when her heart is yearning to be with it`s other half?

Molly always said I can visit her in Clayton Falls and right now escaping the city seems like a great idea. I expected peace, a summer job and getting to know my best friends, fiance not fall for the local Mayberry cop. No matter how I tried to stay away from him something about Gavin pulls me in. Everybody says he is a great guy but right now just gettng things back on track is my main focus. She is everything he knows he needs to stay away from, a city girl. Yet everything she says about me is true I am not cut out for this knd of job. Baseball was my life and now I have no idea what to do with my life but one thing for sure Becca is becomng my life. Can I keep this city girl wth just my love or be forever single again?

I have made many mistakes but the biggest one is almost giving up on my nurse. I was Jake Mathews star quarterback in Clayton Falls and can do no wrong. That was until I woke up to see an angel looking down at me pullng me back to live. Emily Taylor is unlike any girl I have been with and no matter she has a special person in her life I want to be the second special person as well. One kiss and one nght is not enough for me for not only she knocked me off my feet but jump starting my heart at finally finding love. I shouldn`t be with a man right now especially one like Jake Mathews. Everything in me tells me he will break my heart but it is not just me in this relationship. I have been burned before and yet everything in my heart tells me Jake is the one for us. Can I risk it all to be with him?

Welcome to a town called Clayton Falls by Alyssa Rose Ivy where though it is small and everybody knows everybody it is also a place for healing, love and second chances. The first one is about Molly who though has always been happy, vibrant is feeling heartache and pain. Ben is the one who has always been there for her and seeing him again makes her wonder about all the what if questions been in her heard all these years. Now Gavin have to say he is sweet, handsome, caring just perfect for Becca in every way. What gets me though is that though he comes of too strong for Becca I didn`t feel enough push with Becca. I mean I understand everything happening with her is still hard but would have been easy if she didn`t step back easily. Now Jake have to say through all the books I was anxious about his story. I loved his story with Emily and Noah would have loved it longer between them. The love he has for her is unlike any young 23 year old man will have and loved how matured he was in this book. Through it all have to say my favorite though was Molly and Ben`s story. Hot, funny and all in all just felt good about ther story.


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