Forever and Ever Book 17: I Will Follow You by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 17: I Will Follow You by E.L Todd
175 pages
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

It has been three months since I last saw her and she is back. Took her three months for Beatrice to come back and she wants me to cave. I always thought when I gave my love to a woman it will be loved back not thrown away. Took her that long to come back to me and I would have jumped at another chance but I want more. I do not want to be the only one giving all the love this time I want more than just Beatrice. Can I move on knowing my heart is still with her?

I have never lied to my famly but this thing with Heath is growng. I never imagined myself with a man but being with Heath is like well me waking up for the first time. So when Conrad needs me I can`t bail out on family or friendship. Seeing him hurt pains me and knowing that he is a great guy he deserves to be in love like me. What Beatrice did to him is wrong on so many levels but me keeping this from him is painful. Can I continue with Heath and be a guy into girls to help Conrad or will this end my new love?

I know I am throwing a tantrum but knowing my father is the cause of my heartache is terrible. He knew how much Slade meant to me and still he tried to push us away by making me get closer with Reid. I never want to see him again for the way he acted wth Slade. He is my everything and no matter how much Slade tries to make me reconcile I am putting my foot down. Father or not he hurt me the most and nothing will make me change my mind.

I cannot believe this. Arsen is out and doing a whole lot better. Knowing my father helped him to become someone I hardly recognize now still is wow. I thought I was strong but seeing him again just brings out all the heartache and pain I felt those months. Knowing he has kept tabs on me just tears me apart more. No matter how much I try to be friends the one who loves him still inside wants him more than ever. Can I remain friends with him when all I want to do is be in his arms again?

Man there is just so much lies, secrets and just pain in this book I was reaching for tissues. I have to say seeing Trinity act like this with her father, Mike pulled me. The relationship they have is so strong but the way he acted towards Slade was tough. No father wants to see their daughter married to a punk. I have to say though Slade has definitely matured in so many ways it still astounds me. Now Arsen wow talk about a 360 turn with this guy. In one word he has become HOT. Ryan did such an awesome job turning his life around and man poor Silke has no chance staying away from him. I am really hoping thought Trinity and Mike are able to make up breaks my heart these two are not talking. Cannot wait to see what else is in store.


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