Forever and Ever Book 18: You Will Be Alright by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 18: You Will Be Alright by E.L Todd
162 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons
I tried for months to get over him like he did with me. Even after saying our last goodbye my heart still was with him. Knowng that he changed his life for my father and not for me hurts me. I thought I was enough for Arsen to change but was wrong. I told myself Pike is the better choice for me but my heart still wants him. Pike should have been the one for me to give me love and make me feel cherished not an ex-convict. Will I ever feel loved agan and cherished?

It is stll unreal for me. All my life women has been it for me able to parade them around. Yet this thing I have for Heath still is so new to me I am afraid. Jasmine tells me Heath is a good guy and I know this but letting others know about this relationship is scary. My father is the bad ass of all fathers and for him to have a son that is gay well could be embarrassing. I know he is not like that but being wth Heath is nothing I have experienced. I know he feels dirty by me keeping our love a secret but the thought of people knowing scares me. Can I have Heath knowing he might break and leave me?

I have no dea why Jasmine is like she is but I want her. When Slade told me about her I never expected her to well complete me. Unlike the other thin, bony and snobby women Jasmine is a breath of fresh air. Being with her makes me feel excited and man the sex is hot with her. She knows how to satisfy me yet everything I do to make her feel special and wanted scares her. I know I am not perfect but I want be the one she can see herself falling for. Crazy but I want her for me forever. Can I make her see I am not like other guys just into sex but ready for that special one?

Plannng our wedding should be fun and full of happy. I have no idea why when we talk about our planning Slade gets antsy and wants to fight. Yeah the pause for sex is hot but I want us both to enjoy this. My wedding should be perfect but the way Slade is acting is far from perfect. I want more from Slade and feel this wedding mght break us again. Can I convince my soon-to-be husband how fun it will be if were in this together?

Ward is a determned sexy devil and now it is time for others to know about us. I know Skye will be excited considering the many times she tries to pair us together. The past months with Ward have been hotter than ever and now it is time to really be with him. I know I have hurt him because of my career but worried what others will think. I always thought when I bring a man to my famly it will be my future husband. Fingers cross they like Ward what could go wrong.

I never knew how much work my brother Mke did for our company. Yet since hs accident I have tried to man up in the company doing more work to ease the load for him. Someone though is feeling brave to take on me and have no idea who is behind this. Yet something about the voice sounds familiar and the only thing worrying me is Scarlett. Whoever is out there wants more and won`t stop not even for a woman like mine. Can I be brave and in control when they were almost close to ruining my life?

Slade and Trinity funniest of the whole bunch in this series. I have to say the more planning they do the antsy Slade is becoming. The lets pause the wedding with hot sex part by E.L. Todd was sexy and scintillating. I loved that Clementine finally got over her fears of Ward and finally making it known. I loved that she already belongs with Ward but is afraid. Now the whole Heath and Roland still kind of weary about ther relationship. I mean it still new for me that E.L. Todd took this route wth Roland and seeing him go through this is okay wondering how all this will play out. All in all this is one series that is pulling me in all directions with so many new characters yet still have the cozy feeling seeing everybody again.


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