The Angel Trilogy by Kimberly Blalock

The Angel Trilogy by Kimberly Blalock
773 pages
Ebook and Print
3 1/2 moons

His Angel: Book One
I have never seen a man like him. It was supposed to be just a night of fun, me getting well my groove back. My friend says I need to learn to let loose to enjoy the moment and well to get laid. For me I am waiting for that special one and something tells me Evan is that special one. Something about the way he looks at me makes me feel like I am the world in his eyes. Here is a guy who for the first time is making me feel desirable and wild for him. These feelings are unreal yet I cannot stop myself from getting near him. The love I have for Abigail is unlike anything I have felt for towards a woman. I knew somehow she is the one for me and no one will stop me including her present boyfriend. I know Marco is not the one for her and she is mine, she is My Angel.

My Demons:Book Two
I knew once Abigail found out about the real me she wll hate me. What we have is so much more than beauty between us it is magical. The thing is s that Marco still wants her and will not stop until she is back with him. I know I fucked up by not telling My Angel all about me and now because of my secrets she is in pain. Knowing that it is because of my family that has caused her and her famly heartache is too much. No matter how much she asks for space my heart and soul is hers to keep forever. This love I have for Evan is too much and yet cannot stay away from him. Knowing it is because of him that my life is in danger now is heartbreaking I never magned this is what my life would be now. Our love was supposed to overcome everything but this well just takes the cake. I know in my heart it is not his fault but for him to hide his famly secret is too much. How can I trust this man with my heart when everything I thought of him was real is all fake and nothing but lies.

Our Sins:Book Three
Evan Young is my everything, body, heart and soul. He is also the person who can break me easily with lies and betrayal. Everything has happened for a reason and everybody told me to be careful who I trust wth my heart. In the beginning we were perfect but like a spiderweb there are lies that start to build and just getting bigger. Our love is something that I never imagined happening but somehow fate brought me Evan. Together we could have had it all but here in lies the betrayal I never saw coming. How can I give my heart again to him when everytime we try someone tears us apart. I thought the pain and heartache was gone but Evan is proving to be someone that is making me wonder if happily ever afters exist.

There was just so much in this book there were times I was confused. I mean Kimberly Blalock created a series that was about love, betrayal and second chances all packed into one nice book but felt there were tmes that just lagged for me. I loved that we got to know about Abigail but there was so much missing about Evan. I kept hoping we get to know about Evan and his secrets about his life and felt the author just was about Abigail. Don`t get me wrong the romance between them was sweet and romantic just felt there could have been more in this series.


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