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😀Release Blitz😀 At Fairfield Orchard by Emma Cane

The first in Emma Cane’s sparkling new series, 
set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. 


Fairfield Orchard #1
Emma Cane
Releasing Aug 30th, 2016
Avon Books


Emma Cane welcomes you to Fairfield
Orchard, where new love blooms and romance is always in season.
For Amy Fairfield, the family
orchard is more than a business. With its blossom-scented air and rows of trees
framed by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s her heritage and her future.
But right now, it’s also a headache. Putting a painful breakup behind her, Amy
has come home to help revitalize Fairfield Orchard. She doesn’t have time for
the handsome-distracting-professor who wants to dig into her family’s history
for his research.
Jonathan Gebhart knows he needs the
Fairfields’ cooperation to make his new book a success. As for Amy-nothing in
his years of academia could have prepared him for their sudden and intense
attraction. He doesn’t want to complicate her life further, especially since
she seems uneasy about him poking around in the past and he knows he’s not the
sort of man built for forever. But some sparks can’t help but grow, and
Jonathan and Amy may just learn that unexpected love can be the sweetest of
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Emma Cane grew
up reading and soon discovered that she liked to write passionate stories of
teenagers in space. Her love of “passionate stories” has never gone away,
although today she concentrates on the heartwarming characters of Valentine
Valley and Fairfield Orchard.


Now that
her three children are grown, Emma loves spending time crocheting and singing
(although not necessarily at the same time), and hiking and snowshoeing
alongside her husband Jim and their rambunctious dog Uma.

Emma also
writes USA Today bestselling historical romances under the
name Gayle Callen.

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At Fairfield Orchard Excerpt

Amy heard the crunch of gravel beneath Jonathan Gebhart’s feet, and she ducked her head until she could watch him walk away. He’d been an interesting man, all sober and serious, and seemed a little taken aback when she’d teased him. She could still see his short, wavy black hair that looked difficult to tame. It was hard to forget his eyes, green as spring in the orchard—and that moment when he’d really looked at her as a woman. That had been surprising and unsettling. He didn’t have laughing eyes—she imagined he didn’t laugh much at all, which was a shame, when he looked so gorgeous.

Would he be one of those boring professors who droned on and on about something that no longer mattered to anyone? No, he’d sounded too passionate about his request. Maybe he brought that focus to kids who only needed his course as an elective, who stared out the window on a gorgeous day and wished to be anywhere else. That had been her, once upon a time…

But not where history was concerned. That was an interest she had once had in common with the professor. But she’d let it all go, pushed it from her mind just as she’d pushed her family and friends away. She was surprised how much the amateur genealogist inside her had tried to come creaking back to life when he’d told her his hypothesis about Jefferson and her family land. But she wouldn’t let it.

When the professor reached his car, Amy saw that his broad shoulders were squared, and he moved like a man who always knew exactly what he was doing, had everything planned out. She always found confidence sexy. He’d been professionally attired in a buttoned-down shirt and chinos beneath the jacket she’d ruined, while she was grubby, with torn jeans and old shirts. He’d been dignified and educated, and she’d dropped out of college to spend her time with a man who hadn’t proven worthy of the sacrifice. It hadn’t been a sacrifice at the time, of course; she’d been giddy with what she thought was love. Amy knocked her forehead into the nearest branch, as if that could knock some sense into her. It had taken far too long for that sense to take hold, and it had proven costly.

She heard his car start, and then he was gone, dirt rising up behind as he traveled at a respectful speed down toward Spencer Hollow, the little village between the orchard and Crozet, the nearest small town. She used to take the quiet dirt road as an invitation to speed, roaring down the hill, the rolling countryside stretched out below her, rows of apple trees rising and falling as far as the eye could see. Life had been full of excitement and possibilities then—full of the promise of foolish mistakes, too, but she hadn’t known that. Otherwise, she would have stayed holed up in her childhood bedroom forever.

She was back there now, in that same bedroom, her cheerleading trophies and school certificates still on the wall. She’d chosen this path, of course. When she’d gotten the call that her parents had wanted to retire, she’d been only too glad to run home for a fresh start. She’d been so excited to help her family, to spend more time with her siblings, to prove that they were all so important to her. But underneath all those good reasons she had to admit that coming home also meant pretending she hadn’t let her life get so horribly, humiliatingly out of control as she’d spent years with a man who’d developed the same issues with alcohol that her dad had once had.

No one knew, of course, not even her twin brother—which Amy worried was causing a certain distance between them these last few years. But no one was ever going to know how foolish she had been. Her ex-boyfriend, Rob, certainly wouldn’t tell; he’d moved on to the next woman, one even more malleable than she’d been. Amy had quit college for that idiot, she thought, groaning aloud. But at the time, it had seemed like a great move. Her grades had suffered because all she’d wanted was to begin a life with Rob, to live with him and make a home.

It was Rob who’d introduced her to real estate, his family business. She’d started learning the ropes while still in college, helping out agents part-time. She discovered she loved working with people, and had a knack for knowing how to find the most important reason why someone looked for a home, and then delivering on it. She didn’t need college for that, so she’d dropped out. Gradually, as things with Rob got worse, it was harder and harder to be a part of his family business. Breaking up with him had meant eventually quitting her job, and it was almost a relief to be done with anything to do with him.

Now she was facing a new future, and she didn’t want to look back, to see again the mistakes she’d made.

But the professor wanted to talk about the past—her family’s past, and the memories weren’t always pleasant. Did she really want such a reminder? And, of course, there was the fact that she was always so quick to help a guy out, she thought with dismay. But she wouldn’t let her own hang-ups interfere with her promise to give his request some thought. He was right about her family’s link to Thomas Jefferson. If he had discovered new information, how could she deprive him of finding out the truth?

To clear her head, Amy took a deep breath of the apple blossoms all around her. This was the scent of springtime, fragrant and lush, of her childhood, of her family obsession for generations. She’d been molded by the rhythm of the seasons, of planting baby trees with her father in the spring, of morning walks through the orchard in the fall, examining apples to predict when each variety would be at peak ripeness. There definitely was a history here, the good kind—and the bad. She just didn’t know if she wanted to talk about it with a stranger, for there were dark episodes, like her father’s drinking, that warped some of her memories.

Yet being back at home with her twin brother, Tyler, made her feel all about family right now. Late last year, her mom, Patty, had had a breast cancer scare, and though it had turned out to be a benign lump, everything had changed for her father. Though sober for the last ten years, he’d never forgotten how his wife had taken up the slack when he’d been hungover, when he’d forgotten family events, when he had to be guided home after parties. Now Patty deserved the retirement she’d always dreamed of, and Bruce had intended to give it to her—even though the orchard’s finances were shaky. He couldn’t just give the orchard to his children and leave; there was no money for that. He would have had to sell it, and the thought had horrified the whole family. As the professor had pointed out, there’d been a Fairfield on this land for one hundred and ninety-nine years—Amy did know a lot more of her family history than she’d let on. It was their heritage, their history, their children’s future. Their sister Rachel, who’d been Dad’s right hand for years, couldn’t resurrect it all on her own.

So Amy’s oldest brother Logan, who’d made a fortune as a hedge fund manager in New York City and was now a venture capitalist, had offered a financial gift to their parents so they could buy their RV and begin their adventures. He’d insisted it was his right to share what he’d earned, and they’d reluctantly, graciously accepted. But Amy and the rest of her siblings had balked when he’d tried to bail out the orchard, too. After all, he was in business with several partners—it should be an official investment, a loan. The siblings even insisted on offering a business plan for what they intended to do to make Fairfield Orchard a success again.

And Amy, who’d been away from the business for a good ten years—except for working weekends at the height of autumn harvest—was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. Coming up with a new idea to change things up at the orchard was now going to fall on her, Tyler, and Rachel. Thank God for Rachel, who knew everything there was to know about the family business. With her help, they’d come up with a great way to position Fairfield Orchard for the twenty-first century.

Amy took a step higher in the ladder so she could look across the tops of the other pink-draped apple trees and see the Blue Ridge Mountains, the backdrop of her youth. She took a deep breath of the sweet fragrance and momentarily closed her eyes with happiness. It was so good to be home.

“Hey, are you still up the same tree?”

And then there was Tyler. Amy looked down to find her twin leaning against the tree, arms folded across his chest. He was giving her that killer smile that had won over legions of soap opera fans before the show had been canceled. He’d played Dr. Lake, dreamboat hunk and dedicated neurosurgeon— who always seemed to be in the ER to treat every other kind of trauma, too. Both twins had the same light brown hair and blue eyes, but his short hair seemed tousled naturally, rakishly—although she knew he spent a half hour in front of the bathroom mirror every morning, complaining the whole time about the necessity. His agent had several screen tests lined up over the next few months and was confident they would lead to work. Most of the time, Amy couldn’t even be bothered to blow-dry her hair, just tossed it up in a ponytail. Tyler took good care of his body, and had already been after Amy to start running with him. As if she could keep up.

They talked or texted several times a week where once it had been several times a day. When Tyler said he’d come home to help her run the orchard, she’d been so happy knowing they’d spend time together again. College and life had separated them, and it had been jarring at first. He was a part of her.

In many ways, he was the same old Tyler, charming and happy, but in other ways, she
sensed . .. something else. Was he hiding part of himself? But of course, she hadn’t told him what had happened with Rob either.

“Have you been watching me?” she called. “You can see a lot from the house.”

“But not enough to come join me.” “I’m here, aren’t I?”

“After sleeping in,” she teased.

He shrugged. “We famous actors have busy evening schedules. Have to see and be seen, you know—however annoying it is.”

“No one to see you here at the orchard.” She climbed down the ladder. “Or did you go out last night after I’d gone to bed? Oh, wait—didn’t I see a Tweet about watching a TV show? Me and your thousands of followers?”

He rolled his eyes, then nudged her elbow with his. “It’s part of the job, and my agent keeps hounding me about it. Keeping track of me?”

“Always,” she said fondly, smiling. “It’s my job as your big sister.”

He snorted. “By five minutes.”

“It’s still five minutes,” she said sweetly. “Think we’ll have any groupie interruptions today?”

He grimaced. “I hope not. Sorry.”

Yesterday, a group of forty-something women had supposedly been on a wine tour of the region, and “accidentally” gone out of their way to see Tyler. He’d signed autographs, chatted personably, and Amy had gotten to watch her brother in action. He’d always been good with fans, just as she’d always been good with clients. Just another thing the twins had in common.

“I don’t want them to interfere with the orchard,” he said. “Come fall, when we’re officially open, I can’t guarantee what will happen. The public is welcome, after all.”

Her smile fading, she touched his arm. “This is a temporary job for both of us. Six months. No one’s asking you to leave Manhattan permanently.”

He gave her a crooked smile. “I know. But I’m as glad to be here as you are. We’re both running away from something, aren’t we?”

Her eyes widened in surprise. “Tyler—”

But he already had the ladder in both hands and was walking to the next tree. “It’s been a while since I checked for disease. Let’s remember together.”

She followed him, and soon they were trying to remember spraying schedules, how to keep ahead of apple scab, and when the beekeeper was supposed to arrive. Those were some of the topics of her childhood, and they should have felt safe as they prepared questions for their sister Rachel. But the topics were also part of the past, and it was difficult to feel safe there, when their father had so often let them down.

A couple hours later they went back to the house for lunch. Afterward, Tyler retreated to his room to return phone calls and messages, and so did she. It wasn’t easy to abruptly walk away from a real estate career. She’d been a little concerned that it would be difficult not to be out in the community every day, dealing with buyers and sellers, being in a crowded office on occasion. So far, so good. It was peaceful to be with only a handful of longtime employees. And when the fall season began, she’d have more people around her every day than she knew what to do with.

For a moment, she stood still in her old bedroom. The sun shone through the windows, glinting off her MVP trophy from her senior year of competitive cheerleading. There was a good citizen certificate from the Rotary Club, a cross she’d been given for her First Communion. There was even a stuffed animal some boyfriend had won her at the county fair. The blue-and-white checked comforter matched Rachel’s old one, from when they used to share bunk beds in the same room. It felt familiar and comfortable. She was home, ready to begin her new—perhaps temporary—future.

She looked through the photos pinned to her corkboard: prom group shots, lots of photos with her siblings, especially Tyler, and then the family shot they’d taken at the fair, where they’d all dressed up in nineteenth-century clothes and posed with serious expressions.

She’d once had another photo just like that. Only it had been real and rare and a hundred years old. The professor would have liked that, she thought hollowly. Once, genealogy had been a passion of hers, and she had spent hours talking to her grandfather, going through old letters and photos with him. The discovery of this photo had been the culmination of her private research, a way to surprise her grandpa with a picture of his own grandfather and his family. She reached behind the desk for the manila envelope where she kept the small pieces that were all that was left of the photo, of her attempt to do something to honor her family history for the two hundredth anniversary next year. Her stupidity had ruined it all. She couldn’t keep the evidence here where Tyler could find it; she couldn’t throw it away, because it was proof of a life she never wanted to return to, of what her mistake had cost her. She’d find a hiding place, perhaps her old one in the barn.

Now, the future had to be all that mattered.

But not to Professor Gebhart. He was all about the past—he wanted her family’s past, and it only felt like another reminder of her mistake in trusting a man who didn’t think he had a drinking problem.

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😀Release Blitz😀 Called Up by Jen Doyle

There are two things Max “Deke” Deacon can always count on: 
his old high school teammates and Fitz Hawkins.


A Calling It Novel
Jen Doyle
Releasing Aug 29th, 2016
Carina Press


There are two things Max “Deke” Deacon can always count on: his old high school teammates and Fitz Hawkins. But no matter how much Deke might secretly fantasize otherwise, a relationship with one of his best friends is off limits. Until one unexpectedly smoldering encounter has Deke and Fitz looking at each other in a whole new way.

Angelica “Fitz” Hawkins knows for a fact that it is not better to have loved and lost. After losing her parents, she’d rather lock up her heart and throw away the key than endure that kind of pain again. If that means giving up any hope of a lasting relationship, then so be it.

With Deke, Fitz finally feels like she’s back in the land of the living. But she won’t risk another broken heart—even if it means saying good-bye to Deke for good. It’s up to Deke to convince her that the safest place she could ever be is right here with him.

   Amazon | B
& N
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A big
believer in happily ever afters, Jen Doyle decided it was high time she started
creating some. Jen is a member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as a
member of the New England, New Jersey Romance Writers and Music City Romance
Writer chapters of RWA. She is represented by Sarah E. Younger of the Nancy
Yost Literary Agency. She has an M.S. in Library and Information Science and,
in addition to her work as a librarian, has worked as a conference and events
planner as well as a Communications and Enrollment administrator in both
preschool and higher education environments (although some might say that there
is very little difference between the two; Jen has no comment regarding whether
she is one of the “some”).


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😀Release Bkitz😀Meant to Be Mine Lisa Marie Perry



MEANT TO BE MINE Release Day Blitz Assets


Title: Meant to be Mine
Author: Lisa Marie Perry
Series: Guilty Pleasures series #1
On Sale: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Formats: Mass Market & eBook
Price: $6.99 USD (MM) / $6.99 USD (eBook)
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Loving him was hard. Wanting him was so damn easy . . .

Sofia Mercer may have been sick as a teen, but she’s no delicate flower. And she’s proven it by making it on her own and starting a new life away from the town that turned against her, away from the boy who broke her already fragile heart. But when her aunt Luz dies unexpectedly, leaving Sofia with a mountain of regrets and the keys to a quirky boutique, Sofia has no choice but to return to Cape Cod. Only, this new life in her old town comes with complications.

Burke Wolf was Sofia’s first love—a relationship that burned bright and went up in flames. Seeing him again, Sofia can’t help but get caught up in that all-too-familiar tornado of passion and pain. He’s battled his own demons—that much is clear. But Sofia can’t afford to be careless with her heart . . . and loving Burke again might just break it completely.


Meant to be Mine #1
Yours to Take #2 (not released yet!)

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Lisa Marie Perry encounters difficult fictional men and women on a daily basis. She writes sizzling, deep fiction featuring flawed heroes brought to their knees by the love of complicated women. She has received high praise from USA Today and has been nominated for an RT Book Reviews literary award. She lives in America’s heartland, drives a truck, enjoys indie rock, collects Medieval literature, watches too many comedies, has a not-so-secret love for lace and adores rugged men with a little bit of nerd.

For laughs, randomness and occasional inappropriateness, visit LMP at





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She hid her scar behind her clothes, hid her sexual hunger behind mannequins in a window, but eventually, he would bring Sofia Mercer out of hiding.
Their lips parted and he traced a finger between her breasts, up the jagged trail of thick, knotted scar tissue. He wanted to see it, assure her it wasn’t ugly, but he’d given his word that he wouldn’t look, and he would kick his own ass before he violated that trust.
“It doesn’t feel ugly,” he said plainly. “I’ve got scars, too.”
“From fighting. This is different.”
What had she been imagining, all these years? Schoolyard brawls? A teenage fight club? Did she define him as someone so out of control that he’d gone searching for split lips, black eyes, and fractured ribs?
Yeah, it was different. Her scar was a result of a lifesaving medical procedure . . . not violence.
Laying his hand flat, he felt her heart pound quick and strong. Caught up in the moment, caught up in her, he whispered, “Losing you would’ve killed me.”
He felt her slip away from him before she moved a single muscle. When she did retreat, sliding off his lap, fixing her clothes, and raking an arm across her mouth, she said, “I told Abram we weren’t together. Was that a lie? Can we be together, Burke?”
“Casually, yeah. As friends, of course. But don’t rope me into more. It wouldn’t be good for you.”
“That’s not your call.”
“It is, though. Tell me something and be truthful about it. How many panic attacks have you had since coming back to town?”
“A few.”
“Uh-huh. And how many came on when I wasn’t near you?”
“Uh . . .”
“That’s my point. Think it’s a coincidence that your health teeters when I’m around? I’m harmful to you. I’ve known for a long time that I’m no good.” She didn’t know all the hell he carried. He’d do anything to spare her heart the burden of his skeletons.
“Stop it,” she whispered, getting to her feet. “You’d never hurt me.”
“Not intentionally, but the fact is I trigger something in you that you can’t physically handle. I meant what I said earlier—it would kill me to lose you. As much as I want you, and damn it, you know I do, I can’t keep putting you at risk.”
“Are you sure my health isn’t your excuse to justify walking away?” she challenged. “Hold me off, resist what’s good and real and permanent, then take off on your boat. That’s your plan, right?”
“It’s worked out nicely for years. You wouldn’t be the first woman to step back because she can’t handle my career. It’s dangerous, the hours can be shitty, and sometimes I can be on the water for weeks. I’d never ask you or anyone else to shut up and like it. If you want to bail now, I won’t hold it against you.”
“That does terrify me, but I’m not bailing. A career is one thing. Escape is something else altogether. I don’t think I can love you halfway—either I’m all in or I fold.”

Excerpted from MEANT TO BE MINE by Lisa Marie Perry. Copyright © 2016 by Lisa Marie Perry. Used with permission of Grand Central Publishing. All rights reserved.

Stripped Down by Emma Hart

Stripped Down by Emma Hart

Rock Solid and the Landing Strip are his life and of course the women that work in his strip club. Beckett Cruz takes after his girls and makes sure they are not having problems. His life is all about partying and the many women he can bed until one drunken night. Hard to believe he is married. Not just married but in his mind screwed because somehow Cassie has done what no other women has done making him fall. Not just a simple fall according to his best friend and other partner West but freefalling quickly. It is not just Cassie though but her little girl Cici has enchanted him in a way he never imagined being pulled into. It was supposed to be just one night but being with Cassie is making him see how lonely his life has become. He knows it is payback for making fun of West with hs relationship with Mia but dang karma is a bitch in some ways. An easy divorce should have fixed everything but now that he has the papers well he wants more of Cassie and her little girl. Can he prove to Cassie she is not alone anymore and he can be there for her?

Sure it might be the Disney movie that makes him a ringer for Flynn the handsome character that her little girl loves but it is becoming so much more for me. I still cannot believe how things have changed after that one tequila drink. I could blame it on the drink but Beck is one sexy beast and I know him hanging out with us and my little girl will be a disaster. I have never let a man in my life and somehow one stupid night end up married. He is known to be a man with many women never committing to one and now he is stuck with me. Divorce is the only thing that will work but no matter how much it will be so easy this feeling that is happening towards him is like a huge road block. It has always been just me and Cici and now I cannot imagine a life without Beckett. How can a stripper and single mom ever dream of having a normal life when everytime I’m dancing I feel disgusting? Can I give the life my daughter needs and still be the woman Beck needs in his life?

Good Lord where does Emma Hart come up with these hot guys. I thought West did it for me but man Beck is like a thunderstorm blowing my mind out of here. I loved that he is not the usual stripper but actually has a heart of gold like West. To others he is just a dancer all about having a different woman every nght but when the right one comes along he is a goner all the way. Cassie is the right one for him and Cici just the most adorable little six year old ever. This is more than just a dancer getting hitched it is about two people learning to rely on each other. I feel for Cassie for she was young when she had Cici and it takes a strong man like Beck to make her see we are not alone. Emma Hart did this story so beautiful just like Mia and West story but created a family with all four characters. I really hope there is more of Emma Hart and her dancers for there is one person I am interested to see what will happen and that is Vicki the bartender wondering what her story is in Rock Solid. Loved it.

Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

It was supposed to be a bachelorette party for my best friend, Ali and nothing else. Once I saw him dancing and then the private lap dance I knew this guy was going to change my life. It was just one night of tangled sheets, his body on top of me, insde me and behind me nothing more. That changes though when I am back in Las Vegas and well I screwed up, he is my client, the owner of Rock Solid a strip club looking to be bigger in Vegas. West Rykman is more than a stripper and being with him is making me see how tempting and seductive he can be. No matter how much I try to step away from this thing with him my heart and body wants him. My life is in San Diego not in Las Vegas with a man who knows how to use his charm, tools and oh so seductively play my body so well. I never needed a man to make me complete for  I am terrible at commitments but the thought of not being with West is too heartbreaking. Can I leave this sexy man and the possibility of finding love for the first time?

She is sexy, beautiful and not like the other girls I have been. People see me as just a stripper, a dancer with money and the sexy body I posses. Nobody see`s the real me just want the sex and well more sex out of me. It was supposed to be just a bachelorette party but after beng insde her, hearing her moan and knowing it is my kisses and touch that make her explode I wanted more. This is the first that has happened to me a woman getting under my skin so easily. The more I am with Mia though I am learning being with her is definitely not easy at all. Somehow she is determined to play this relationship as just sexual but there is more than that between us.  I have only a couple of weeks to prove to her how right we are and will do anything to make her see I am more than a stripper but the man she has been waiting for all her life.

In one word HOT by Emma Hart. Move over Magic Mike for Emma Hart knows how to entice her readers and boy did she ever with West Rykman. Just reading about him dancing and the sex between them was off the charts nothing  I expected. This is more than just a dancer for it is a woman overcoming her fears and well learning to let go. The passion between West and Mia is hotter than ever and more than just sex between them. I loved that even though West has been dancing a long tme he is more than just a sexy body and face he is also a man trying to be more than just an image. This is the first book and yes there is a sequel cannot wait for Beck the other partner in Rock Solid making these two men one hot ride to read more about from Emma Hart. Awesome.

Meant to Be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry

Meant to be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry
4 moons

It has been 12 years for years ago she was known as the sick girl, the one nobody wanted not even her own father. Years ago she wasn`t sure she would make it back alive. Only one who wanted her was her Aunt Luz and now she is gone. Coming back to say goodbye to her was not the way she imagned coming home to sadness. She expected a lot to happen when she came back but seeng the boy she loved years ago was not one of them. Burke Wolfe was not the usual boyfrend but really a friend who understood her and wanted to be with her. He was everything a teenager like her craved, a friend to talk to. Now seeing him again as a man is making her libido go wild. She always wondered how he kissed and now that she is a woman she is wanting a whole lot more than just friendship this time. Problem is will she always be the sick friend in his eyes or grow to be something he never expected in his life.

She was the only one who understood him. He was the teenage boy that got in trouble but had no problem when it came to girls. She was the sick girl with an aunt who sold erotic toys but nothing about that bothered her. Sofia Mercer never figured out she was more than a friend to him years ago she was his lfeline to survival. She was the only one who when he was down made him come back to the living. All he wanted at that time was for the pain and heartache to go away yet it was Sofia he made a point to live agan. The day she left him for the transplant was the day his life ended but seeing her again as a woman is like getting a kick start to life to live again. Can he prove to Sofia that his feelings for her are real and has always been all those years ago?

Lisa Marie Perry has done it again with a story about learning to live again but also how to love again wth Sofia and Burke. Two people who struggled to be loved yet feel they were short changed. I felt for Sofia for going through what she went through alone is tough then there is Burke who was in so many ways her symbol to live. These two are so much alike yet feel they are worlds apart. This is more than just Sofia and Burke for we see how hard they struggled to have a life no one thought they would have. Meant to be Mine is definitely titled right for Lisa Marie Perry created two characters that are complete in so many ways it is hard to imagine them separated at all. They have a unique bond and love that you can tell has never disappeared but has grown stronger than ever.

A Fairfield Orchard by Emma Cane

A Fairfield Orchard by Emma Cane
384 pages
4 moons

She never saw this coming. Rob was her everything yet because of him she distanced herself from her family and career. Coming back to the family orchard is not just a time for her to find herself but to make the family business a success. Her father already did his time and now it is up to us to make it bloom again. Problem is that not many people want to spend their vacation apple picking and learning about the orchard. So when Professor Jonathan Gebhart says Thomas Jefferson might have walked on her family’s `s orchard land it might just be what she needs to get their business back up. The more she works with him and her family’s history she is learning how much she missed researching the past and being in close contact with a handsome man like Jonathan. Can she make her business a success and still keep her heart intact?

It has been months since Jonathan has felt that spark. The one where you meet someone and everything falls in place. Being with Amy he is feeling more than a spark and is wonderng what exactly is happening. Like Amy he has one goal in mind and that is to get his book published and show proof that Thomas Jefferson walked her land many years ago. He has always loved history and what made them so popular and in so many ways Thomas Jefferson is somewhat of an idol for him. Amy understands his dreams for she has one to make her family orchard a success again but no one expect the chemistry between them. She is unlike his ex and now that he knows more about her Jonathan wants more than just her giving him glimpses of her family history. Once the book is done though can he just go back to his lonely life in books or learn to love again?

This is Emma Cane`s new series about a family who is trying to make things right again but learn how to be a family again. This starts with Amy the beauty and brains of the family yet lonely in so many ways. She is learning from her past in love and somehow has sworn of love until she meets Jonathan. He is everythng she would have gone for if it wasn`t because of Rob showing her love can ruin things. Now being with Jonathan she is feeling all things and is torn between being there for her family or for herself. Jonathan is unlike the usual men for all his life has been centered in books and well Thomas Jefferson. He is unsure how to handle Amy and is afraid of beng in love again. These two were funny to read and sweet at the same time. Emma Cane is starting off a series that is sweet, funny and romantic in every way for there is more than just Amy in this family. Cannot wait to read more about the family especially Amy`s brother who is an actor trying to lead a normal life at last. Loved it.

Called Up by Jen Doyle

Called Up by Jen Doyle
4 moons

Friends, friends, friends must keep saying that every time I look at Angelica “Fitz” Hawkins. For years she is the one  I can count on no matter the situation. My wing girl in so many ways she knows me which is scary. Somehow though I am seeing her in a different light. Could be the tank top she is wearing and the sexy dance she is doing but somehow I see her as a woman now. Not just any woman but one I want to sleep with and wake up to the next morning and the day after. Not sure how it happened but Fitz is becoming more than a friend for me and people are noticing. I am used to bedding any woman but Fitz is one woman that I feel like I am forever chasing. One kiss is all it takes to make me know for sure she is the one for me. Everytime I think she feels the same way she goes one step back. Can I prove to her that I am not like her father that the love I have for her is real and forever?

I am not sure how it happened but my best friend just kssed the hell out of me. The make-your-toes curl-fuck-where-am-I type of kiss. I wasn`t prepared for it but secretly have dreamed of happening since high school. I am Angelica “Fitz” Hawkins also known as the half sister of baseball player Nate Hawkins. Ever since my parents died in a tornado my life has never been the same yet no matter what terrible things or lies I had to endure in school Deke was always there. He was the one man who I could count on and never for a minute thought things would change between us but man that kiss. One kiss is all it takes for me to want more from my friend and though it is wrong I want him like a drug. I have to stay away though for no matter how messed up it is it won`t go nowhere. I am the girl nobody wants and he is a womanizer. Will love ever happen for real or is still aways just a fairytale?

This is my favorite kind of story the ones where it starts as friendship and blooms to something else. Deke and Fitz though have an unsual friendship that borders between brother sisterly, love hate and explosive all combined. I loved that one minute they can fight so easily yet confuse the hell out of each other so quickly. The love they have is like they can complete each others words without actually saying it and yet they cannot deny the attraction any longer. This is a first I have read by Jen Doyle and definitely will not be the last. Talk about hot sexy players and the girls have no chance of staying away from the love they want to give out. Loved it.

Solid Stone: Odyssey by E.G. Patrick

Solid Stone: Odyssey by E.G. Patrick
300 pages
4 moons

Ever since I caught him at the revolving door my life has changed. Being with Adam Stone is not the usual girl meets boy but woman meeting man and boy is he all man. I never felt these kinds of things before and it scares me how much he is into me. With Adam I am Violet, the girl trying her hands in love and at night he brings out Gia in me. He has a way that in one minute I am timid sweet and the next he excites me in a way all my fantasies come out. Never has a man brought me to this point where I want to be good and bad all the same time. Yet no matter how much I love him he is my first love and feel that maybe what we started is becoming too much.

She is like a butterfly, a sexy beautiful butterfly learning her way. When she caught me at the revolving door there was something about Violet Cole I never felt before. This feeling for this woman astounds me everyday with her innocence and desire to learn all the naughty ways that will bring us closer. She is new and I feel a kindred spirit in her. This is the longest I have been with a woman and know at times I seem possessive of her but she has broken me. Can I give her what she wants without breaking my heart and soul?

After months of waiting for Adam Stone I am so happy E.G. Patrick finally has Odyssey. In so many ways these two are in many ways feel apart yet their desire for one another is what keeps bringing them closer. The passion between them keeps getting stronger but there is still the doubt that makes Violet a little weary. I loved that E.G. Patrick didn’t hold nothing back in the bed and outside which made them well normal for me. Adam is not your usual man with BDSM lifestyle but one who is afraid to really love. Now Violet is definitely maturing but the intense chemistry between them might be overwhelming at times for her. This is book 2 and now we wait to see what Adam’s next move will be making me anxiously waiting.

Protecting Maddie by Desiree Holt

Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Protecting Maddie by Desiree Holt
93 pages
3 1/2 moons

She is not losing her mind. Someone is watching her every move. It all started after she talked one of her students from killing his classmates in school. Talking him down that day changed everything even though she never imagned herself actually doing that one day. Ever since then Maddie has been on hyper alert. Someone wants her well her parents and is determined to get to them through her. After 30 years her parents secrets are about to come out and it is up to Maddie to make sure they stay protected. Problem is that even though she is the one that needs to keep her life safe it is Hunter “Hawkeye” St. John who is making her wonder if her life will ever be normal.

Hunter “Hawkeye” St. John has seen and done many things as a Delta Force operatve but none have been beautiful and sexy like Maddie Winslow. It was supposed to be a favor for a friend to watch over her but since meeting her he is feeling all kinds of feelings. His life is dangerous and sometimes can keep him away because of his job but Maddie is making it difficult to be just a job. Somehow this woman who took down a kid with a gun is making him wonder about maybe settling down. Commitment is not for him but knowing that someone out there is after his Maddie is not something to take lightly. Can he be there once all the secrets are out and keep her safe forever?

The Delta Force team is a group of men that take ther jobs seriously until a woman comes in. Being active is all Hunter knows in his line of job and being with Maddie is making him well antsy. He has never been in this type of job where he must be professional but want to jump a clients bone in every way. Though it is short couple of weeks the love they have is strong and totally not what he expected. Maddie is strong, beautful and not the usual damsel n distress he is known to rescue which scares him. Desiree Holt have to say didn`t disappoint at all only wish it was longer. The suspense and action just seemed to quick for me but man the passion hot.