Close to You by Kristen Proby

Close to You by Krsten Proby
320 pages
Ebook and Prnt
August 9, 2016

Have you ever heard the saying, Nobody will Compare to You, well that is how it is with me and Landon Palazzo. For years he was the one I went to, the one I laughed with and the one I fell in love with. He is also the only one who just sees me as a best friend. That is me Cami LaRue best friend to this Navy Pilot and still hopelessly in love with my best frend. After all these years he is finally coming back home and this time I am ready to prove to him I am not the same girl he used to know but a woman who wants his man. The thing is that I expected a fight and him saying that he has always loved me throws me off track. Can I be the woman who captured his heart years ago and be what he needs right now?

Being in the Navy has always been my life and now I am feeling helpless. I have no idea what to do but one thing for sure this is my time to make my move. Years ago my dad knew how I felt for little Cami LaRue and told me to wait. Now that I am back I am ready to make her mine in everyway. Seeing her after all these years just proves how beautiful she has become and is like coming back home for real. Only she understands how I am and how leaving the Navy is for me. Being with her feels complete in every way and in some ways it scares me how easly it is to be with her. Just when I think nothing can separate us something hits us hard making me wonder if we are really ready for a relationship with one another right now. Can I convince my Cami how right we are?

Once again Kristen Proby has proven that a series can get better with the rght characters and chemistry between them. We caught a glimpse of Landon in Listen to Me and boy Kristen Proby just wowed me with this guy. Right away he comes off as a man with one goal and that is to get Cami no matter what. I loved that Cam is a strong, confident person but man when it comes to Landon she gets all flustered which in so many ways was so cute between them. Landon is a man who knows what he wants and no matter how much a fight Cami puts in his way there is no saying no to him. This is definitely a series centered around a restaurant with frends all over but it is a family in so many ways trying their luck at love in every way they can get it. Loved it.


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