Dirty Work by Chelle Bliss & Brenda Rothert

Dirty Work by Chelle Bliss & Brenda Rothert

Senator Titan that is something that will not happen on her watch. Her whole life has been centered to be the next Senator and Reagan Preston will fight to get that position. Problem is she didn`t expect the chemistry between them. He is a War Hero and the public wants him to be their next Senator. All her life she has been groomed to be the next one and lately being with Jude she is starting to feel confused. Reagan knows her being a Senator is right but for the first time she is feeling well like a woman instead of a puppet. The one time she gave her heart to a man she was destroyed but being with Jude when she can she is feeling loved and wanted for the first time. As his opponent she knows it is wrong to have any feelings towards her enemy but her heart and body wants him. It is the fight of her life and she must do what she needs to do to win and that is give up on what she always dreamed of having one day.

Coming back from the War he expected his life to change. What he didn`t expect was for his heart to fall in love with the enemy. Years of being in the front of gunfighting and protecting people he is ready to be what the public needs someone like themselves as Senator. He has seen what veterans like him go through never getting the help they are owed to them and he is determined to win to fight for a cause that is dear to him. That was until he meets Reagan Preston for the first time and now he is confused as hell. She is not what he expected but getting her all riled up sure makes him happy and stir crazy with passion. Becoming a Senator is all she has been taught to know and knowng she has never felt love or been in love just tears him apart. The chemistry between them is unlike any he has felt for a woman and for the first time he wants to protect something dear to him and not for other people. Can he be the Senator his people need him to be when he wants to consort with the enemy in every desirable, fun and sexiest way imaginable?

So with the country waiting for the next President this book by Chelle Bliss & Brenda Rothert was a very funny, hot and interesting story right now. I loved that everybody is on the train for Jude Titan to be the next Senator and then we have Reagan Preston determined to keep her family on the seat. The heritage that Reagan is trying to keep by becoming Senator and keeping her family happy is all on her mind. I loved it though when she meets Jude and all bets are off. Right off their first debate there was tons of sexual tension all the way the cameras were practically melting. I was like water and ice stat between them and man the sexting hot. I felt sorry for Reagan in so many ways for she is more than a public figure she is a woman inside all of this and just wants to be loved. These two may sound like oil and water in front of the cameras but get ready for fireworks in the background the public don`t see. If this was a real election my money will be on Team Jeagan for Jude and Reagan together forever to make one powerful team.


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