Don`t Tempt Me by Lori Foster

Don’t Tempt Me by Lori Foster
352 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Jason Guthrie is barely holding it together. He knows his life has just become complicated with his brother and nephew moving in with him. His whole goal is to get his brother back on his feet consdering he is a widow and trying to be a dad to a teenager can be tough. With everything going on he definitely doesn`t need a woman like Honor Brown distracting him. With her moving in next door to his home Jason see`s and hears all that is going on with his beautiful next door neighbor. Seeng she is single and taking a new home renovating all by herself something in him calls to her. The attraction is all their but she is hiding something. All he wants is a normal woman and life like it used to be but ever since meeting Honor he knows life will never be the same.

Teaching Martial Arts to kids with troubled lives is his way of paying it forward. Sullivan Dean knows he has no time for romance or even a woman like Lexie Perkins but he cannot stay away from her. The chemistry between them is hot and she is showing a side of her he is liking. He knew the sex between them wll be off the charts but never expected her to get under his skin. How can he stay away from Lexie when she is Jason`s girlfriend`s best friend?

Don`t Tempt Me by Lori Foster is one you don`t want to miss. I couldn`t decide who I loved the best for each one was hotter than ever. Jason is the man of all trades in the little neighborhood Honor moved in. Right away you can tell there is chemistry between them they can`t deny anymore. The one thing I didn`t like was that Honor kept being standoffish whenever Jason tried to help her. I loved that no matter how much she pushed him away Jason kept coming back to her. Now Lexie and Sullivan so wanted more of them. The sex between was hot like Jason and Honors. There was a lot more I wanted to know about Sullivan and hopefully Lori Foster will do one of him and Lexie. All in all this one was a tale of two men loving their women by tempting them with passion, sex and a love they never expected.

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