Forever and Ever Book 19: Ready for Love by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 19: Ready for Love by E.L Todd
171 pages
Ebook and Print
3 1/2 moons

I know it is only a matter of time before Heath gets tired of me. He wants our relationship to go public but I am still afraid. I know my friends will understand but when Conrad interrupts our one year anniversary I am scared shitless. He is my best friend and the thought of seeing embarrassment in his eyes well makes me want to keep our love a secret forever. Can I continue like this with Heath or will it be the end of us?

Having kids with Skye has always been my dream but as her my wife. I never noticed until now how much she eats and is making me wonder. The sex between us has been hotter than ever and more every day. I always thought when we did have kids it will be us as a married couple yet no matter how much I think of the possibility I am excited. Is she pregnant or just fate playng a trick on us?

I love how my life is how right now. I got two of my best girls in my world and love them more each day that goes by. Abby is everything to me and knowing how well she is with Silke just proves how much of a great family we will be. I know my leaving Silke in the past really hurt her but I will be patient with her wanting for us to really be a family. The more we are all together it is easy to see how perfect she is for me in every way even as maybe a stepmother. Yet something in me feels like were all in a bubble waiting for something to happen. Will Silke ever really be mine?

I have no dea why Cayson is acting like an asshole. As best friends go lately he is sounding like a jealous girl. I mean he is always there for me and now that Arsen might be my brother-in-law soon I have to get to know him for Silkes sake. It’s cool that Arsen is into sports and has that whole ex-convict thing to scare people but the more I get to know him I know he is perfect for my little sister. Will Cayson understand my friendship to him or will I loose my oldest best friend over a new one?

I miss him like hell. Ever since I found out he was with Skye my heart broke. I was ready to give him my whole heart and soul to Ward who was my everything. Yet knowng he would have given up something from his life for my cousin just proves I was just a rebound to him. Our love came on quickly and I knew in my heart a woman like me will never catch a man like him. No matter how hard I try to be the girl I used to be Ward left a permanent print on me. Can I go on knowing my heart is in his hands forever?

So this one I was knd of iffy because it felt like the story went to quickly for me in this next one in the series. Don`t get me wrong as each book goes by we learn more of this family and all their quirks. I have to say though I laughed at Cayson how he is feeling towards Slade and Arsens new friendship. It was like seeing them in middle school fighting over ther friendship and jealousy. Now Arsen I love that everything is coming together for him and Silke. Yet it seems a little slow for me wanted them to be together right away but loved the slow seducton in a way between them. Roland as usual is still taking things slow and just want to hit him in the head to make up his mnd. Have to give kudos to Heath for staying this long with him I would have gven up way long time ago. Hoping next one is not as quick as this one and see what else is in store.


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