Forever and Ever Book 20: You Are My Life by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 20: You Are My Life by E.L Todd
158 pages
Ebook and Print

I want everybody to be happy but somehow this dinner is turnng out to be terrible. Poor Abby is trying to be happy but I can tell everybody is tensed. I really thought Lydia will like Silke for my little girl does. I thought everything will be right but Lydia is proving to me that she wants more than what we have been doing in making Abby a part of my life. A relationship with her is out of the question Silke is who I belong to in every way. Yet she has pushed me and now I have to make the biggest choice ever in my life.

As parties go this one is a snooze fest. Seeing Roland and Heath happy though is great but there is not a woman out there raising my interest well except the one in the bathroom. Just when I was ready to leave l hear someone moaning making me hard as ever for the first time in days. My cock has never felt so alive in her hands and her voice just makes me come so hard I never felt this way before. Who is she? Where did she go?

I thought everything was okay. They haven`t made a move on me for days until now. Somehow they knew I will be the only one working late. Now I am not even safe at my company. How far will they go? How long wll this threat on me go on? I need Scarlet she is the only one who can keep me sane even now when I suspect everyone.

This cannot be happening not to me. I thought we were careful and almost felt like things will get back to normal. I was wrong now I will always be tied to Ward. All it took was one night and my weakness just proves to me I am putty in his hands. Through the hateful words I still want him. How did I become this type of woman. I used to be strong and knew what I wanted now I crave his voice, his touch and his love. He will hate me more now but I have to go on with this plan.

Oh man I never saw this coming. I mean in so many ways I feel bad for Arsen. Here is a guy who has worked so hard to get his life back on track he has everything Silke, Abby and now because of Lydia everything is going up in smoke. E.L. Todd tore my heart out wth Arsen`s story and his choice he has to make. I am like noooo this cannot be happening. In so many ways I want to kick Lydia out but she will always be a part of Arsens past and of course Abby`s mother. Now Conrad I am glad he is getting back in the field but wow to have this woman come on to him lke that seemed too easy for me. I mean definitely a mystery and wonder who she is. Clementine poor girl to go through this and definitely wonder how she will overcome this. I really want her to be with Ward and know love hurts rght now fingers cross.

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