Forever and Ever Book 21: When You Are With Me by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 21: When You are With Me by E.L Todd
160 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Someone wants to get rid of me. The garage incident proves to me they will not stop until I am dead. My family is important to me and I cannot put Scarlet and my kids to this. Yet through all this Scarlet proves to me how strong she is and determined to get me through this. My woman knows how to get me through the darkness but how long will this last is what scares me the most. Can I continue on like this and hope whoever is after me stays away from my family?

Beatrice killed any hope of me feeling love again. It is for saps like my father, Cayson and Slade not for me. Getting back on the field and having one nght stands is not something I am excited but it is time. Meeting Lexie is proving to be a sexcapade every fantasy of mine coming to life. She is not what I expected but in every way she is proving how fun sleeping around is so far. Yet something in me wants more than just sex right now. Will it always be just sex with this girl?

I hate him for even being with my little sister. I know in some ways Ward teased my sister. I know if I wasn`t around he would have made his move on Skye, my woman. I want to kill him but somehow learning more about Ward is making me like him.

I know being a mother is going to be hard. Everybody tells me they will be there for me but I feel useless. I know it is not the crib that is making me hormonal but it is Ward. Working in Pixel in the same building as him is making me second guess the choice I have made. I know he will be a good father but the hateful words he yelled at me still there in my head. I should be happy and independent but I still miss him. Will things ever get back to normal?

Okay Clementine is starting to annoy me in some ways. I mean yes Ward treated her badly and said some mean things but come on we all know she still loves him. The child should know their father and what she is doing is so wrong in so many ways. Don`t get me wrong I know she is trying to be independent and thinks she can do this on her own but you can`t deny the love is still there. Now we have a new character, Lexie, who in so many ways seems like a female version of Slade just into sex. I am thinking sure Conrad maybe just needs this but wonder how long will this go before he sees that what he needs is love. Ugh I am just waiting for the wedding between Slade and Trinity and everytime we think were close they fight making me wonder WHEN. E.L. Todd is sure teasing me with the suspense and wondering will Slade get his tigers lol. Through all this I am still trying to figure out who is after Sean and what is their story why now.


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