Gilt 2: Sin Never Sleeps by Geneva Lee

Gilt Book 2: Sin Never Sleeps by Geneva Lee
186 pages
4 moons

Waking up all bruised and scared of my life was not how I wanted to spend my summer. Ever since I went to that party with Josie my best friend everything has changed. First of I made my enemy Monroe hate me more and I met Jamie. He is definitely not a man I should be hanging out with but somehow he is putting himself in my life. I should stay away from him considering my father hates the West family but no matter what I do I cannot stay away from him even when he starts wanting to know my every move. The Dealer is still there watching us and taking pics of us making us wonder who in our group is it. Whoever they are they are very close to us to the point where everybody is a suspect. The killer is out there and Nathaniel West was just the tip of the iceberg for there is still secrets surrounding us.

Geneva Lee is sure teasing us in every way it is making me antsy. The Dealer is nearby and even I am wondering who is it. I mean it has to be someone close to Jamie and Emma to be able to get pictures of where they’re at the moment. Jamie is turning out to be a modern day bad boy trying to be good but even the sexy bad side of him is coming out. One thing about Geneva Lee that I am liking in this book is the suspense I mean even in the city of sin you can`t trust anybody even your own family. I cannot wait in the next part of this series for I am putting everybody on the suspect list making me wonder if my theory is right or not. Cannot wait for the next one.


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