Gilt Book 1: By Invitation Only by Geneva Lee

Gilt Book 1 : By Invitation Only by Geneva Lee
268 pages
4 1/2 moons

Belle Mère the place where everyone wants to be outside of Las Vegas. It is the place where you in high school and want to be popular you hook up wth people like Monroe West and her entourage. She is where you want to be at all times and like a snap you will be the next Kim Kardashian wanna be. You will be famous, sought after but for Emma Southerly it can also be the end of her life. You see it was supposed to be just a night of fun with her best frend at one of Monroes parties not her beng a suspect in a murder case. She shouldn`t even be in the same place as Monroe West for the rivalry going on between their families but somehow she is brought in their lives now. Meeting Jamie West he is everything she should definitely stay away but she cannot deny the attraction between them. Somehow this stranger in the party is suckng her in to his famly and now she is scared of what will happen.

As parties go there is fun, alcohol and beneath every song and loud noise there are secrets that should never be revealed. Belle Mère is the place you want to be but can someone come out of this town alive with their morals still intact?

Ths is the first I have read from Geneva Lee and in a way it is like a modern day Beverly Hills 90210 yet filled wth so much drama. Emma Southerly is your average girl about to graduate and as parties go the Wests is the family that throws big shebangs. If you want to be known you want to be at one of Monroe Wests parties no matter what. I loved that Emma is naive in every way and yet her innocence is what captures Jamie West. Now here is a man who so opposite from his sister almost like an outsider in the family. Geneva Lee did a great job in showing us that no matter how rich you are the other side is not all happiness and money rolling in but filled with secrets and betrayal. Cannot wait for the second part and see who is behind all this aka THE DEALER. Who is he or she? What is their story behind all this? So many things unanswered can`t wait to see what is reavealed next.


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