Hitched Volume 3 by Kendall Ryan

Hitched Volume 3 by Kendall Ryan
218 pages
Ebook and Print

I am in deep shit. I knew the minute she saw me this marriage was over. I never wanted her to see me do this but she knows what the contract entails. Right? I mean she married me so she knows what has to happen between us and I really gave her all the chances I could give to her. Yet now I feel like I am in a sinking ship. Somehow my Snowflake has gotten under my skin and into my heart. No woman has done this before yet somehow she did it. I cannot imagine my life without Olivia and this scares me. I tried to be the man she wants me to be but instead she is making me feel more for her. It started off as a means to save the company but somewhere along the line she has come to mean more for me. I told myself that this was just a charade, a game to keep the company but I tricked my ownself and fell hopelessly in love with Oliva. I never had to fake anything in my life and I am not starting now I am determined to make this real in every way.

I am so stupid. Somehow I fell in love with my fake husband. Camryn, my best friend told me something like this will happen but I didn`t believe her. I went into this marriage with open eyes but missed the main thing in the stupid contract. Knowng he would have gone that far scares me how much he wants me in his life. I am so not ready for ths but a life without Noah is too hard to imagine going through. There are thousands of people in the company depending on us to continue on the company not failing. As much as I try to deny the love I cannot stop going to him and craving his kisses. Can I be the woman to tame this playboy or live in a loveless marriage forever?

I so did not want this series to end by Kendall Ryan. I was loving the chemistry between Noah and Oliva with the passion they shared. We started off wth them fighting tooth and nail yet along the way they are seeing how right they are in every way. It was funny to see Noah, a man who only knows life through sex being brought down by a woman. Not just any woman but one who knows the real him his best friend, Oliva. Kendall Ryan created a strong woman to fight him and love him in the best way and that is challenging him in every turn.


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