Seducing the Boss by Mari Carr

Seducing the Boss by Mari Carr

Women are a plenty for me. There is always one that will always end up in my bed. Going to the bar, Score I know I will end up the night with either a blonde or a brunette, lean, thin or perky all the way. Yet this night is different and for one I am surprised in seeing her dressed like this. For years there has only been one girl I can rely on and that is Sara Connelly the one ER nurse I can rely on everything. I never expected to see her dressed to get laid and knowing she is determined to get laid just bamboozles me in every way. I never imagined seeing her like this and somehow the feelings I have for her now is not something I expected to get from her. Me being on the prowl to get laid is usual for me and everybody knows it but seeing my Sara like this is so opposite of her routine. Determined to show her it is not right for her to act like this I give her a chance of a lifetime. Well for me for no way is a stranger going to touch my woman.

It was supposed to be a night of me meeting a man. Not just any man but one I met online. Waiting like this at Score dressed like a woman on the prowl just proves to me I cannot attract a man. I knew coming to Score I was gong to see some of my friends but seeing Kellan like this is not the way I wanted to end the night. I expected ridicule from him, laughter maybe even a little all will be alright friend talk but what he proposition is definitely not what I expected coming out of his mouth. We have always been friends and I know this is going to change things but after the night of getting stood up even he is looking good. As his employee and him my boss I shouldn`t even be considering this but I cannot deny the attraction to him anymore. One kiss is all it takes to make me realize nothing will ever be the same. I know it is all a game to him for he is 100% bachelor and even a girl like me can never get him to settle down and love a woman. Or can I ?

In one word the latest by Mari Carr is HOT. Have to say Kellan is one hot sex on a stick and Sara was so strong to keep herself in check but man there is no denying him. I loved that here is a man who has seen heartache and because of this is the way he is right now. Mari Carr shows us that even a man like him so unattainable can be redeemed with the right woman in his life. Sara of course tries so hard to be the same girl she is but one weekend with Kellan she knows she can never be who she used to be. This one was one hot book in every way and man Mari Carr sure knows how to heat up things between these two I was rooting for Sara all the way for her to get some happly ever after in her life. Loved it.


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