The Bennett Family Book 3: Your Forever Love by Layla Hagen

Bennett Famly Book 3: Your Forever Love by Layla Hagen
Ebook and Print

They call him ‘The Shark’ in his company for the way he handles business with cold heartedness and no remorse. Yet outside of the company he is well a cuddly bear to his little girl. He will do anything to make sure she is happy and her biggest request right now is to meet her idol, Pippa Bennett. She is all she talks about and now he is infatuated wth her and he hasn`t met her yet. Eric knows a beautiful woman and Pippa is beyond beautiful she has enchanted him. As a jewelry designer he expected her to be cold and just taking pity on his little girl but she is caring, loving and he is falling for her. This is supposed to be a short 3 month trip not a forever thing but once he gets to know Pippa and feel her passion he is confused. All hs lfe has been spent n Boston where hs famly s and now he is torn in making his little girl happy or sacrificing his heart.

Growing up in a big family can sometimes be awesome then other times it can be annoying. For years she was the one who played the matchmaker and somehow now she is being played by her own family. She knew her brothers are having fun in her being with Eric but this is different. Her ex taught her to not to give her heart right away but after being played a fool Pippa is taking things slow with Eric. He is everything she would have gone for if she met him first and his little girl is so adorable. Being with him is making her see how much she misses feeling wanted, desired and most of all really loved by a man. The thing is Eric lives in Boston and that is world and her world is the Bennett family. As the saying goes She Can`t Help Falling in Love and in this case she has to make a big decision. Can she trust her heart in Eric`s hands?

I have been waiting for Pippa`s story since Book 1 lol. Thank you Layla Hagen for finally getting us Pippa and what happened to her. Throughout the series we see her strong, independent and her whole attention to her family yet we see a softer side of her right now. I love how easily she is to come to love to Eric`s little girl showing us what a great mother she will be in this family. The love they have one another is awesome and man the flirting they do hotter than ever. I was like yay Pippa and Eric getting it on but then you wonder how will this work. Pippa has always been about her family then she has Eric now and she is torn as well. I love this family and cannot wait to see what Layla has in store for the serious twins and the party twins. This is one family that will make you laugh, cry and just want more of them. Loved it.


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