Forever and Ever Book 22: Believe in Me by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 22: Believe in Me by E.L Todd
174 pages

She has gone too far. I have no idea where she got the idea that she is not sexy and beatiful for me. Ever since we got together Trinity has been IT for me. I still cannot believe we are getting married and even though we fight I will not change anything about her. She is my soulmate, my life, my passion she is THE ONE for me. Knowing she has not been treating herself because she thinks she is not beautiful for me is too much. I will make her see that I will treat her like a queen forever and she is perfect the way she is right now.

I have a name to the voice that sounds familiar. Kowng he was out there and now has the balls to threaten me out in the open is going to end. He was close in getting to Scarlet and knowing my wife could be dead now is too much. Knowing this whole time it was Skye he was after just pulls me over the edge. My family is important to me and no one will hurt them. Seeng how close he was to make me loose my family I know now nothing is more important than them. I will never take them for granted and will prove to them everyday how dear they are to me from now on.

When I heard the gunshot I wasn`t thinking of anything except Clementine, my darling. Runnng after her and my child was the main thing to make sure they are okay. I still cannot believe my woman is having my baby. Though things are still a little strained she will be mine. I know she is cautious wanting to do things slowly but a gunshot near her changes everything.

Okay I have to say E.L. Todd you almost scared me to death in this book with Sean. I was like no she can`t do this not to her readers. I suspected this guy after what happened but didn`t give it a thought until this book. Knowing that this will change everything in this series almost had me have a heart attack. Sean have to say is one brave guy and Scarlett kick ass woman as usual. These two together just proves nothing will tear them apart and any person threatening their family you better watch out. This book was just so suspenseful for me keeping me on the edge of my seat reading through Sean`s story and the gunshot. It was like the epiphany of all things changing the whole dynamic of this story. E.L. Todd you are one sneaky author putting me on the edge like this falling for these characters. Loved it.


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