Forever and Ever Book 23: I Will Live On by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 23: I Will Love You by E.L Todd
167 pages
4 moons

I know I belong to Roland and not sure why he won`t confront his family about us. Is it so wrong to be accepted and in love as well. I thought what we had will be enough but seeing Ander and knowing he still wants me is confusing. For years I thought Ander will be it for me but then Roland came in. They are so opposite from each other it is scary. The love I have for Roland is nothing I had with Ander but his reluctance with his parents is too much. I gave him so many chances will I ever be enough.

She is just a fuck buddy and nothing more. Rght? I mean it is not love I have wth Lexie just sex. Yet I cannot go a day without texting or being inside her. This is definitely nothing I felt wth Beatrice and yet I wonder is this love. Are we using each other? Is it more so many questions and all I want to do is be with her. Will a guy like me ever find love?

I have to say the relationship between Roland and Heath just well doesn`t sit well with me. I mean you can tell Heath is so in love with Roland and still Roland is the one hesitating.I mean I know this is new for Roland being gay but here is a man willing to wait to be with him. I know Roland is scared but come on grow some balls and get over it. Love happens unexpectedly and that is what they have a love no one expected but is there. I have to say Heath waiting this long is wow. Now Conrad have to say is cautious and understand why after everything that happened with Beatrice. Yet you can tell this is more than sex with Lexie and cannot wait to see what they will do to get past this. They all deserve love and E.L. Todd s teasing us with the wait.


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