Forever and Ever Book 24: Love Lives On by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 24: Love Lives On by E.L Todd
166 pages
4 moons

I am finally getting married to Trinity in three weeks and I feel every move I make can break us. Having Skye hurt I know Trinity is worried about everything and my baby deserves to be happy. With Skye as her maid of honor and hurt after getting shot Trinity deserves to experience everything from a bridal shower to a bachelorrette party in Vegas. Were only gettng married once and my baby is gettng all she has dreamed of having which is hard coming from a guy like me.

I know I am sounding like a brat but the feelings I have for Ward are still there. Having his baby just make it stronger than ever and I am scared. I know he doesn`t love Skye but after being burned once my heart is still sore. I know he wants us to be together but the love he feels for me scares me as well. I worry if I can be the woman he needs in his life forever. Can I be a good mother and still have Ward love me for me or does he want me because I carry his child?

Oh my god the wedding is coming near. I feel in so many ways that this is my family seeing them grow even Slade. I am still in awe how he has grown and his love for Trinity is so strong. So glad now to also see Clementine maturing now. I was getting antsy with her feelings towards Ward and hoping there will also be a marriage soon for them. Feeling this family is growing and growng to something fantastic. Cannot wait for the next one.

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