Knocked Out by Love by Abby Niles

Knocked Out By by Love by Abby Niles
August 15, 2016
4 moons

How do you keep your feelings a secret and not known? Easy you stay away from that person no matter what happens. Well that was what I thought until I saw Scarlett Harris in the same island my sister is getting married acting like a single woman. This is hard to see because she is married to my friend Ryan. Right? At least she was the last time I saw her and now seeing how sexy and beautiful she is I cannot stay away. I know it is wrong to have feelings for her but I have loved her for years. She deserves better than my friend. Knowing that she is here and now single I want her more than ever. I have tried to be the good friend but she is all I desire now and nothing is going to stop me.

Marriage is supposed to be forever at least that is what she was told should happen. Unfortunately her ex-husband Ryan missed that information. I never thought he would cheat on me but then again I never thought I would be divorced and horny for his best friend, Brody Minton. He is all man and just the right man to make me feel wanted and desired. I still don`t know why he stopped being my friend and now that I am single I want him. He is the only one who has ever made me sexy and the one kiss he gave me has ignited something in me I have never felt before. I just hope that once I have had him he doesn`t want more for I can never be the complete woman he needs in his life.

Talk about Knocked Out of Love for this definitely knocked out Brody and Scarlett in every way. I loved that Brody is a man who knows what he wants and when it comes to Scarlett he is ready in every move. The sex between them is explosive, hot and yes kinky in a way that Scarlet has never known before even with her ex-husband. Abby Niles blew me away wth all the sexual chemistry between these two it was hot in every chapter I read. Cannot wait to see what else is in store from this author.


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