Saving Her Angel by Missy Jane

Saving Her Angel by Missy Jane
Ebook and Print
4 1 /2 moons
August 9, 2016

It has been years since I have felt love or any feeling. We are not supposed to love one particular person but after working with Eleanor I cannot stay away. Protecting humans is his goal and if he stayed longer in town she would know I am not a human but something she will be scared of. I and my brothers are Archangels sent here to wait for THE ONE to call us back. Two of my brothers though have fallen and found their women which scares me how easily it was for them to fall for a woman. Yet sending Eleanor away was the only logical thing to do but never expected because of me that danger will be near her. I tried so hard to keep Eleanor safe but even an Angel like me can fall into temptation.

After working for years with Camael I never expected him to suddenly retire like this sending me away without a thought. Though he never knew how I really felt for him I thought our relationship was more than just boss and employee. Leaving him was hard but the stuff happening now is like a flashback of what happened years ago to me. I thought all that was behind but something about Camael is bringing them all back. I know he feels something for me by the way he is in protecting me but what he tells me is amazing. Seeing him for who he really is should scare me away more from him but it only makes me want him more. Can we figure out what is behind these strange things occuring to me before it is too late?

Something evil is making Camael and his brothers on high alert and it is because of this that Missy Jane is making me get the others in this series. I love the whole Archangel concept in this series and yet it breaks my heart for Camael never knowing love. Two of his brothers have already found someone and he is distraught on his feelings. He knows he cannot have Eleanor because of who he really is but he still desires her. As an Angel he cannot love just one person for he is sent to only protect us yet when it comes to her he is ready to break the rules. Missy Jane has a hit with this series and cannot wait to see what happens to others in series.


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