Summer Girl by A.S. Green

Summer Girl by A.S. Green
4 moons

She is definitely not the usual kind of girl that comes down here. Looking at her she is all snobby, rich and will not make it out here in this little island. Not sure what it is about Katherine D`Arcy but I cannot stay away from her. I been on this island for 2 years and even now I still feel like a boy on a summer break. That is what Katherine reminds me a Summer Girl. You can tell she is the type that has never rebelled or cussed. Katherine is the type that follows orders and being with a guy like me is like her slumming. Being with her though is wrong in all levels but she feels just right for me in every way. Talking to her and seeing that she has her own opinions is making me itch for the right words for a song. As a songwriter lately finding the words for the perfect song is getting harder until she kissed me. Now all I want is to have her a part of me. Can I convince her that she is perfect as she is and right for me?

As a songwriter trying to come up with words I understand Bennett has it hard right now but felt there should have been more. Katherine was okay for him but didn`t really feel any spark between them. The passion could have been there but felt Katherine was stuck in her other life with her best friend who by now should have made his feelings known to her. I loved that Bennett was torn between hating her for what she represents and wanting to love her for who she is in the inside. Throughout the book I loved that no matter how rude, snobby or just crazy Katherine is what she feels for Bennett is definitely something she has never felt before. The doubts and fears of letting herself go is what made me like Katherine in the end.

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