Take the Fall Book 1: Take the Fall by Marquita Valentine

A Take the Fall Series Book 1 : Take the Fall by Marquita Valentine
179 pages
4 1/2 moons

Rowan Simmons is the girl for me and even now after all these years she is still the one for me. I know I hurt her years ago when they sent me to jail turning her away but she deserves a better man than me. Going to jail to protect her was all that mattered and knowing she hates me right now pains me. Gone is the flight risk, the bad boy I was and now being in the Marines has helped me calm my fighting and temper. Even years apart I know I can never get over Rowan. Knowing she is in the same place I grew up and was with my grandmother till the end proves maybe just maybe she still loves me. I know it is wishful thinking on my part but she is the one I will always take the fall for to have her love me.

I was the girl who fell for the bad boy. The boy who gave me everything I wanted in his kisses and passion. The boy who told me to go away and to stop seeing him. I know Seth getting arrested was a lot but I wanted to be the girl he can rely on and will always love him. Him turning me away was hard but somehow I moved on, at least I thought I did. Seeing him again after all these years and how hot he has become is making me see that I never stopped loving him. I thought our passion years ago was great but having him in my arms and inside me is sexier than ever. I am not the same person I used to be but the girl inside still wants him now more than ever. Can I let go of my pride and be the woman he wants and still loves?

This is the first I am reading a book by Marquita Valentine and let me tell you it will not be the last. This book had a love hate relationship that made the love between Seth and Rowan just burst in this book. The attraction is still there but going back to what they used to have was hard to overcome. I loved that Seth was determined to get his woman and show Rowan that he is here to stay no matter how hard she denies the love. Rowan had a spunkiness in her that seemed at some times funny yet also her take no shit attitude was sweet. Though she still loves Seth I loved that she tried to say no but come on they belong together. Loved it and intrigued about Jase her brother wondering what will happen to him.


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