Take the Fall Book 2: When We Fall by Marquita Valentine

Take the Fall Series Book 2: When We Fall by Marquita Valentine
209 pages

He will never look at me as a woman. I will always be his little sisters best friend and nothing more. Yet the looks he gives me says something else and I am confused. He has always been the one for me but I am definitely not his type. His type are the slutty, big breasted no iq kind of girls which should make me hate him but I want Jase Simmons. For years I hid my feelings for him but I cant take it no more. Ever since he came out of jail these feelings for him have grown stronger. Rowan, my best friend and his sister says I need to be more confident and just be impulsive yet when it comes to Jase I am the same stutterring plump girl he knows. Can I ever be the woman he needs in his life and get him to love me?

Of all the things I have done in my past even getting arrested locked in jail falling for Piper Ross is the biggest one ever. I don`t deserve Piper yet I cannot stay away from her. She deserves someone better than me like the Mayor`s son who is after her but I want her for me. The girls I have been with are not her and it kills me to hurt her like this but I am not the man for her. Her father was right to arrest me and send me away yet being locked up Piper was the one who stayed in touch with me. I have no idea how to live without her in my life and it scares me these feelings I have for her. Can a man like me, an ex-convict get a woman as pure and beautiful as Piper Ross?

The Take the Fall series by Marquita Valentine is gettng hotter than ever. I thought Seth was it for me but then came along Jase and wow talk about Bad Boy. Piper reminds me of me afraid to show her emotions and fear of gettng hurt yet shines in this book. Her love for Jase is exactly what he needs in this book. All the stuff that has happened to him has made him see that even a bad boy like him deserves a second chance. The love they have is more than just friendship it is like he is rescuing her from a life that has been set by her parents. Cannot wait what else is in store in the Take the Fall series by Marquita Valentine.


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