The Playboy`s Proposal by Ashlee Mallory

The Playboy’s Proposal by Ashlee Mallory
250 pages
4 1/2 moons

A routine day for me is working at the doctors office, day dreaming on Dr. Luke and coming home to rest and relax. That was all great until Henry Ellson moves in next door and now nights are filled with loud music and the constant revolving door of beautiful women. As an act of revenge I am determined to make him see what he is doing is wrong but he pulls out a wild card on I didn`t expect. I am not sure why he is helpng me win Dr. Luke but seeing how experience he is with flirtng and getting whatever woman he wants he is the best in flirtng. Problem is that the more I am with Henry I am seeing a different side of the wild partying boy and it is making me feel things. I know I am not pretty like my sister or sister-in-laws but I am ready to find love at last.

Henry Ellison has had no problem getting any woman for himself but lately the all the sex is turning to sound old to him. Taking care of his niece has made him see he is not the young wild man he was before. The thing is now that he has a reputation as a wild bachelor and is hard now to redeem himself. That was until he see`s the funny way Dr. Benny reacts with her colleague Dr. Luke. Knowng that she is on the rampage to get him kicked out of the building he see`s a way to help her. He didn`t expect though to consider her as a friend and now that she is close to getting her dreams come true he wants her. She is unlike the girls he knows and understands him which scares him. Beneath the pony-tails and scrubs is an enchantress who has woven her magic on him. Can he be the man she needs, her own Prince Charming?

I went into this series a little bit late but have to say it can be read as a stand-alone for Benny shines in this book. This is a first I have read from Ashlee Mallory and have to say it was quite funny and sweet to read. I loved that it wasn`t just about the sex it was the friendship that grew and bringing in a love that Henry never felt before. The relationship they have is cute, funny and sweet making us see that even though we lack confidence love can happen unexpectedly.

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