The Rebel`s Return by Victoria James

The Rebels Return by Victoria James
4 moons

Always the bridesmaid never the bride. Never the one to fall in love and keep the guy. Never the one to find happiness and live through others who are in love. This seems to be thing I am known for in Red River. There has only been one guy who got into my heart and like a scumbag he is screwed me over. Aiden McCann seems to be the one who started this domino effect and ever since he cheated on me I cannot find love or happiness. Everybody in my family told me I was crazy to fall for him and give him my heart. They told me he would hurt me but was a fool in love and sadly still am. I never expected him to come back but I know his father is glad in his own way to have his son back. He is the bad boy who stole my heart and though he says he had his reasons why he cheated a part of me wants to forgive him. Can I finally get my answers to what really happened years ago? Wll I always be the hopeless girl looking at love at the wrong places and wrong man?

I was stupid, stoned, a real modern day rebel and totaly didn`t deserve to have Natalia Puccini as my girlfriend. I know I broke her heart years ago but never thought she would still be single yet a part of me is happy she still is. She is the girl I have compared every girl to and none can ever match to her. Natalia was the only one who understood me and didn’t take pity on me all those years ago. Loosing her was the biggest mistake and now that I know she is still in Red River she wll be mine and taking no for an answer.

As far as bad boys go have to say Aiden McCann is the baddest of all but for other reasons. The humility that Natalia goes through in the last weddng is terrible and have to say she takes it braverly. The chemistry between them even though have been separated is still there and hotter than ever. Even though Aiden made some bad choices I was rooting for him all the way and cannot wait to see what else in store by Victoria James.


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