Beautiful Entourage by E.L Todd

Beautiful Entourage by E.L Todd
313 pages

I have a perfect life. I can have any woman that wants me as long as the money is right. I don`t have to have sex with them just give good company. It was a good life but I didn`t realize until I met Aspen how lonely it really is. Being with her is making me break all the rules that have centered my life all these years. She is unlike the others I have been with and doesn`t care about my charms just the real me. It has been a really long time since I had fun with a woman that didn`t end up in them wanting to have sex with me. Her night of fun is icecream sundaes and pl5ayng board games not seduction. This is definitely all foreign for me but I cannot stay away from her. It was supposed to be an easy job pretend to be her boyfriend and that is it. Problem is I didn`t count on me wanting more than just beng a job to her.

I have worked for years to be CEO of my dad`s company and thought if I got engaged to the right man it will be in the bag. Yet even I failed at that and now my job is on the line. It should be me taking over but as usual my father is being an asshole and wants more of me. I thought I was the perfect daughter doing everything he wanted me to be but it is never enough. Hiring Rhett just proves how far I have come to get his acceptance even though I have done all I can. I know I am not the son he wanted but having Rhett with me is making me feel something I never felt in my life and that is love. I know love is not possible for he is just an escort but the woman in me wants more than to be just a job to him. Will I ever be accepted for who I am and be loved?

The first in a series about male escorts by E.L. Todd started off awesome with Rhett. Don`t let the Southern name fool you for this guy is not a rogue but a devil in disguise that will tempt you in every way. I love that Aspen tries so hard to be accepted in her father`s eyes that the love Rhett gives her is foreign to her. For years she has worked hard to be the daughter that is rght for her father and has never had time to learn to be loved. The chemistry between them is in a friendly sort because of the rules Rhett must obey but nobody expects this be carred out till the end. I loved how E.L. Todd brought these two together showing them that no matter how much you deny the love it will struck you in a way where you can`t fight it anymore. Loved it.


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