Ruthless by Lexi Blake

Ruthless by Lexi Blake
348 pages
Ebook and Print

I will never forget the night we were separated. It wasn`t by choice for someone did this to us. They were determined to make sure we died with our parents. Even now years later I can still remember that day vividly including my brother Drew rescuing us from the burning house. We tried to stay together but we were young but one thing was for sure we were going to find out parents killers. Ellie Stratton is just a pawn in the game of vengeance we have and nothing was going to distract us from getting the killer. Well that was the plan until I started getting to know the real Ellie Stratton. She may be the daughter of our killer but she is definitely not her father`s daughter. Our goal was to infiltrate the enemy not to fall for the enemy. I know it is wrong but I have to be with Ellie even if it means turning my back on my family. She is part of the whole plan but what I didn`t count on was her innocence and beauty get under my skn.

I shouldn`t even be considering an affair wth my lawyer, Riley Lang. Yet it has been years since my divorce and well being horny seems to be the effect he has on me since I hired him. Someone is trying to sabotage all I have worked for in keeping my father`s company, StratCast. After months of going back and forth Steven Castalano is fnally going to hand everything to me but I didn`t know at what cost. My father told me before he died to watch out but I never took him seriously. Now having Rliey with me I feel like everything is bombarding me in rapid torpedoes. I know Riley cannot be part of this or is he. Can I really attract a man like him to be with me or is he the one behind all the trouble that is happening? Can I really believe him that my life is in danger?

Get ready for a series that will tear you apart but filled with hunky, walking sex on a stick brothers that will rock you to the core. The first in a new series by Lexi Blake is Ruthless starting Riley Lang aka Riley Lawless. For years him and his family have struggled to be together and find out who really killed their parents. We know a little about Mia and Case in the previous books but Lexi Blake has brought us three brothers that will make you swoon. Elle is definitely no match for Riley and this scares her. For years she was thought to not be beautiful, pretty or meant to be loved until he shows up. I loved the passion and chemistry Riley throws at her for there is no way out but to be with him. Each brother has their own story and Riley is one that will make you want more and love him yet intrigued about Bran, Drew and even their crazy uncle Hatch. Cannot wait to see the next part in this book Bran`s story. Loved it.


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