You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross and Mark Perini

You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross and Mark Perini
400 pages
Ebook and Print

Family is important to me and though some people, especially my friends, say I am too much of a mother hen they always come first. Having Jason as my boyfriend through high school helped me in so many ways and really thought now he is in college he will want me as a forever girlfriend. My father keeps telling me I need to learn how to live but never thought by me living it will bring me a guy like Eddie Wellington. Even though I stll hope something will happen with Jason, Edde is making me see that there is more to life than modeling. Being a model is not something I imagined my career but the dreams I used to have as a dancer was all just dreams never a reality. Or was it? What is it about Eddie that is making me want to dream again and maybe for more than just my career?

I know she doesn`t trust me and even though I am not who I used to be I want to be better for her. I never knew what family or having friends for real was like until I met Finley. Being a male model for fashion magazines is definitely not somethng that I imagned doing but I have no choice. Yeah I was stupid, high most of the time but the mistakes I done is making me see it is time to take control of my life and well grow up. Being with Finley is making me see that money is not all there is but love, acceptance and family are all things I never really knew in my life. Somehow I have to fix things and the biggest one is about come in a couple months. Can I be the man I am supposed to be and the man that will love Finley forever?

This is the first I have read from Julie Cross and Mark Perini and have to say it was enlightening to see that it was jusn`t the usual new adult we usually read. What I loved about these two authors is they put ther own personalities into Finley and Eddie. I loved seeing the behind the scenes of them being fashion models yet they`re not the snobby, all into themselves like we see on tv or in the tabloids but actual human beings with problems. Seeing Eddie going through life as an adult trying to be something more than just a rich guy and know the meaning of happiness made him shine. Here is a guy who has never had to work in his life always had things handed to him see what life is really about through Finley’s eyes and through hard work made him better. In a way these two authors shined together between Finley and Eddie making them more than two people coping with life but bringing out the best in one another. Loved it.


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