After We Fall by Marquita Valentine

After We Fall by Marquita Valentine
197 pages

He is a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Though it has been years since he shed that bad boy image people still think of him like that instead of the cop he is now. Hunter knows people will never understand why he did all those things years ago only his mother knows the real truth. It is because of her he is the way he is now. People might seem him domineering, obsessive to hard edged but he has his reasons. He knows what things lurk in the dark what people will do to hide there true selves. Yet he never imagned a woman as beautiful as Evangeline Ambrose to be one of those girls to hide what is really going on. He knew right away when he found her she went through the same thing his mother went through. He doesn`t understand how someone so beautiful like his Angel could go through so much pain and heartache. Hunter has seen how one punch or bruise can make you weak and cower in fear but seeng it in his Angel’s face is too much. Can he show her that there is a brightness through the darkness? Can he prove to her he is not like all men but only want love for her?

She used to be the girl everybody wanted to be friends with. The girl who was there for everybody else. The girl who thought once upon a time she was in love with Prnce Charming but instead was trapped with the Beast. Evangeline never imagned her life would be like that in an abusive marriage never knowing what the next day will bring. She was so close with her life ending to fnally be free and in peace but Hunter Sloan will not let her die. In his arms she feels alive and safe something she has not felt in years. Her ex ruined her for love but no matter how much she tries to stay away from Hunter she cannot escape him. Her heart wants him and in a way her soul feels a kindred spirit in him. Can she trust Hunter with her heart and soul? Or will she fall into the same chain again with a different man?

In one word WOW. I have to say Marquita Valentine is not making this series easy for me. First I was all into Seth, then Jase now Hunter good lord so many men to choose from. The most important thing I loved about Hunter was how he put others first before him. Growing up in a volatile childhood he has never learned to put himself first always others. Just when things are getting to normal in his life there comes Evangeline a woman he feels a strong bond with. He has seen the heartache and pain she is going through all too close to him and he knows she is afraid. The love he has for his Angel was so sweet and soul touching I was rooting for Evangeline for happiness she deserves. Marquita Valentine creates these stories that pull you in with love, hope and most of all trust. Cannot wait for more from this series.


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