Chased by Love by Melissa Foster

Chased by Love by Melissa Foster
300 pages
August 17, 2016
4 moons

Ths is the role of a lifetime and nobody was going to sabotage it for her least of a bad boy rock star Boone Stryker. Everybody told her he will be perfect playing the heartbroken, misunderstood Rick Champion rock star and her his love interest Delia the drug addict. She knew right away that Boone was not taking this seriously but there is more to what he is doing. Everybody sees him as a talented rock star womanizing, partying and most of all the drugs. She never met a man like him yet in 10 short days she is finding it hard to walk away from him. What was supposed to be a time to learn their lines is starting to feel like a chance to fall for each other. Can Trish put all her heart and trust in Boone`s hands or be crushed when his real identity is revealed?

Everybody wants a piece of him and all he wants to do is just be himself. Years ago the music called to him and the fame. Yet now after everything that has happened all the fame and music is only giving him pain and grief. The movie is supposed to show to his fans that he can do more than just music he can act as well. Being in the same movie as Trish Ryder is proving to be difficult for she is more than just an actress. Seeing her act as Delia is bringing out memories of another girl he couldn`t save either like his role as Rick Champion. What started out as just play acting is starting to become something he never expected to happen with an actress like her. Can he prove to everyone that all that has happened is not really true? Can he prove to Trish that he is more than just about drinking and womanizing?

The next one in the Ryder series is coming out with Trish the youngest in the family of brothers. I have to say Trish shined in this book proving that even though she has 5 overbearing brothers she has a mind of her own. I loved that when it comes to Boone she is well flustered in a way she never known before. Something about the attraction towards Boone makes her almost shuck up her career to be wth him. Melissa Foster created Boone with so much raw sexuality and hard edge we never know which one is the real Boone Stryker. We have the heartbroken one who craves peace and normalcy then we have the rockstar who wants to prove that he can be more than just music. Cannot wait to see what else in store in this series by Melissa Foster. Cannot wait to see about Jake`s story another Ryder brother that will make you swoon.


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