Fates Love Book 1: Fate’s Love by L.A. Cotton

Fates Love Book 1: Fate’s Love by L.A. Cotton
306 pages
4 moons

Do you know when you meet your soul mate? Do you know how when it is right nothing else matters? Do you know when it is time to stop runnng and just be in the moment? This is something that Olivia Bannon has not felt even though he was always there. Her whole life has been centered in making good grades and getting her psychology career. Everybody around her is having fun, enjoying life having romantic adventures. Love is not in the cards for her and she knows it. To her love is just a feeling that you shouldn`t feel at all for it only causes heartache. The thing is that love wants to hit her in the heart by a boy like Ethan. He is sweet, funny and the first guy to get under her skin. As high school goes love is just a funny thing right now.

Years later Ethan somehow comes into her life again and now she is confused. Of all the guys she has been with since college he is the only one that somehow keeps coming back. The attraction between them is there but once agan she runs away from it. Ethan has no dea why his Liv keeps running away but throughout the years he knows one thing and that is she is the one for him. Can fate bring them together or will it always tear them apart?

Once again L.A. Cotton shows us that no matter where we go or why we cannot escape love. I loved that Olivia knows what she wants in life but sad that she doesn`t really know what life means. We see a beautiful girl maturing before our eyes yet she is missing one thing in her life and that is love. She is afraid to let her heart love and yet Ethan still determined to be with her. Have to say Ethan`s presence is the only time we see Olivia really be herself and not what she is supposed to be. In a way Ethan makes her better and L.A. Cotton shows us that no matter how much you run love will bite you. Loved it.


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