Forever and Ever Book 25: When Two Become One by E.L.Todd

Forever and Ever Book 25: When Two Become One by E.L.Todd
169 pages

The day is here. My big day and I should be happy. Yet something doesn`t feel right. I mean don`t get me wrong Slade is the man for me and no one else. The passion we have is never enough and I know he loves me but how long will it last. He says I am the only one for him but what will happen when another woman entices and tempts him. I never imagned myself marrying a man like Slade but even though the thought of going on life without him is too much this day just doesn`t feel right. Am I making a mistake in marying him tying him to me forever?

I don`t deserve her and she deserves a better man than me. I thought everything was okay not once did I get cold feet untl now. I know Cayson and my dad mean well but Trinity, my Penelope, shouldn`t settle with me. She is my light, my beauty, my soulmate but I know I cannot give her all she needs in life. Mike her father was right I can never be the man to give her all the love and happiness she needs for real.

The wedding of the series is finally here and about dang time. Have to say I didn`t think E.L.Todd will get us here but man it was so worth the wait. I loved that when it is time everybody comes full circle in this book and so much more. The love that Slade has for Trinity is just so wow and amazing between them. I loved that no matter how nervous they are and the fears they both complete each other in a way that is unexplainable. This is one happy reader to finally see these two people well become one complete love for one another. Loved it.


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