Forever and Ever Book 26: Love Will Survive by E.L Todd

Forever and Ever Book 26: Love Will Survive by E.L Todd
164 pages
4 moons

My wife. Still hard to believe Trinity is my wife and I her husband. I got her to be mine forever and even now on our honeymoon it still feels strange. I thought since we were already living together nothing will change. Yet now that I can call her my wife everything has changed. I love her more and like I said in my vows I will be the man she has always dreamed of having her Prince Charming. I will not let anything ruin our honeymoon or make her feel unsafe. I am her man and vow to love and protect her at any cost.

So many memories bad and good but the last couple of weeks is making me see we can never escape them. It is time to sell the house and move on. I know Sean is only doing this because of me and doesn`t really want to sell but how can I live in the same place I killed a man wth no remorse or afterthought. I know we have to do this but telling Roland and Skye is going to be harder to do.

Everything is feeling so good. Being with Ward is making me see how I have never stopped loving him. Yet like everything else this bubble of happiness doesn`t last and now a man from my past will ruin it. I know if I tell Ward about him all the love we have will be threatened. Can I risk it and tell him?

I am not sure what is going on. I thought what we had going on was great and now Lexie wants us over. Not only is that happening but Beatrice is back and what she tells me is heartbreaking. I know I should tell Lexie about Beatrice but right now she needs a friend. Am I doing the right thing or will this blow up in my face?

Still cannot believe Slade and Trinity are married and so happy to see them this way. The love they have is stronger than ever yet what happened in the Caribbean still has Trinity a little edgy. Now have to say I never seen Scarlett this way so in nerves and tired of the painful memories. Here is a strong woman who is about to fall apart and Sean feels helpless for his woman. So many things happening and my main thing is Ward now and his baby. Finally after months he is getting his woman back but once again there is mistrust. E.L. Todd is on a row with this series and now cannot wait for Skye and Cayson’s wedding to come.


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