Forever and Ever Book 27: I Want Your Love by E.L Todd

Forever and Ever Book 27: I Want Your Love by E.L Todd
161 pages
4 moons

All I want is to be a father to my little Abby. I know the times we spend together is not enough and it pains me everytime she is sad when she leaves me. I know it is hard but Lydia is not the one I want for Silkie is the woman I want forever. Will I ever be the father Abby needs forever in her life?

I don’t know what to do. I know it is not love I feel for Conrad but so much more. I told myself after Jared cheating on me I will not be with a cheater. Yet here he is lying to me that he is not with Beatrice. Can I trust him and give my heart? Why do I attract men who cannot love me?

It is our time now that Slade and Trinity are married Skye will be mine. The thing is work is doing great and now after months of working on a special project it is up to me to make sure people get to use it. Three months away from Skye is too much but people need me. Will she understand or will this tear our happiness?

Pre-nup something I never expected from Trinity. I know there were doubts before we got married but this is just too much. It is bad enough she won’t take my last name but understand her reasons. I vowed to be the man she needs and if this important than there is no buts.

Just when you think things will get back to normal we hit a wall. I have to say I always thought it was love between Lexie and Conrad. I mean the sex with them is great but Lexie is definitely not just a girl that does flings. She might study about sexual behavior but when it comes to hers well she is confused. Now Trinity and Slade have to say he is taking this very calmly so unusual for him. I loved the sweet attention he gives to her. Cannot wait to see how Conrad and Lexie will grow from this little bump in the road.


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