The Sapphire Heist by Lauren Blakely

The Sapphire Heist by Lauren Blakely
208 pages
4 moons

There is something about Jake Harlowe that doesn`t seem right. One night of hot sex with this bounty hunter should have been enough but I want more from him. Knowing that he stole from me should have angered me but now I want to know why. It started off as a plan to find out the money my stepdad took away from my mother but as I work with Jake it is turning out to be so much more than what we anticipated at first. I know he means well but can I really trust Jake Harlowe in helping me find the sapphires and the money.

The last part in Lauren Blakely Sapphire series is one you don`t want to miss. We continue with not only the mystery of the sapphires and all the money but Jake and Steph. The attraction they feel for each other is definitely not what they expected yet they can`t fight it anymore. Burned in the past both Jake and Steph are learning that sometimes to have that great love you have to learn to trust the other with all your heart. Once again Lauren Blakely started a series making you want more and this is one of those that hopefully there will be more.


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