Fighting Blind by C.M. Seabrook

Fighting Blind by C.M. Seabrook
246 pages

I have to run. I cannot stay in one place for more than a week yet here I am still in the same place. I knew coming back was a huge mistake but I had to see him. He was my best friend, my rock and the only man I have been with. It is because of Theo Ryan I am always running making sure we are safe. I knew three years ago that one night will always be with me but never knew how much things will change. Now he is asking me to stay and  I cannot do it no matter how much I really do want to be with Theo again. All that matters is Logan and that Stefano doesn`t find us. Can I continue running or will I finally be caught into a life I never imagned will happen for us?

Three years it has been since I last saw her. Three years since my best friend left me and even now I still want her. I have no idea why Mackenzie left three years ago but she will be mine forever. Now that I have made a name in the MMA Fighting I am about to retire and everything will be great but something is missing. I didn`t know what it was until she came back with a child and everything has clicked.  She is trouble and yet I cannot stay away from her. She is my downfall but the one woman to understand me. Can I just let her go again?

I am such a sucker for bad boys and sports romance this one was just so awesome. The first I have read from C.M. Seabrook and have to say definitely will keep up with her work. I fell for Mackenzie and all she has gone through so she definitely didn`t pick this kind of lfe. I loved that Theo was always there for her but one night is just the beginning of well her running. The chemistry between them is hot but it is more than just sex between them. I loved that no matter how many times Mac hides her real reason why she came back Theo still wants her no matter what is happening. This kind of love is just what she needs but yet again C.M. Seabrook throws in something from her past making her wonder will she ever find happiness and a place to belong. Loved it and cannot wait for more from this author for this one just blew me away.


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