Son of Thunder by Libby Bishop

Son of Thunder by Libby Bishop
140 pages
4 moons

As the grandson of Thor favoritism is not something you will find in Asgard no matter who your father or grandfather is. The thing is what I did was right for vengeance was quick. Yet of all things I didn`t expect for Odin to send me to Earth. As punishments go this should have been easy but didnt expect Agent Liv Winters. Here is a woman who in all counts is fierce like Sif herself and all the Asgardian women I have bedded. Yet even though she is trying to solve her best friends murder case I sense a kindred spirit in her. The plan was to help her find the killer but the more I am with her I want to stay. My life is in Asgard but my heart has found a place with her. Can  I leave her after we find the killer?

As Gods go Agent Liv Winters knows they only want one thing and she cannot afford to give in to Rune`s seductions. For years now she has worked to find her best frend, Soosie`s killer and she is close. Working with a man like Rune is enough distraction to make her wonder when did she stop feeling like a woman. Being with him is making her go crazy and knows she will never find peace until she finds the killer. It was supposed to be just a working relationship but one touch and kiss from Rune and she is acting like a blubbering fool. Can she get her attention back on the case or fail?

Oh I loved the whole storyline of Son of Thunder Thor coming down yet in some way felt it lacked a little bit. The idea of Rune working with a human was funny but seemed more it was on the murder case then really getting to know each other. Don`t get me wrong the case is important for Liv but felt she could have been a little more open to the romance and love that is obviously there from Rune. Now Rune is definitely Son of Thunder with all his sexy charms and seduction it was hard to ignore him. Libby Bishop seemed more about Soosie`s killer than the romance which was purely suspenseful. All in all it was good if you into suspense stories but for me it lacked on the romance department for me.


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