A Bleeding Star`s Book 4: Wait by A.L. Jackson

A Bleeding Stars Book 4: Wait by A.L Jackson
Ebook and Print
August 23, 2016

She is my everything. She is the light that brings me back to home. She is the only one who knows the pain I am going through and the man I can be. In my heart I know I can never be what she really deserves for no matter what I do I will always bring her pain. In so many ways we are the same each holding out for the hope that is somewhere in our lives hiding for us to find it. It has been years since I felt alive, able to breathe and forget about what I did years ago. Everybody says it was not my fault but how can it not be when I was the one who instigated it in the first place. I had to leave for I couldn`t bear to see the pain in my brother, Sebastian`s eyes anymore. The only one who understands me is the same person who is hiding from the world trying her hardest to well like me stay alive and breathe.

He was a boy who comforted me. A boy who knew my secrets and held me. A boy who understood what I was going through for like me he has pain and heartache he is tryng to forget. A boy who has become a man that is so far gone in his pain and heartache we are both sinking in our loss. I thought when  I last saw him I would be able to move on but like the waves that keep coming he pulls me in with his eyes and voice. I tried to move on but Austin is more than my hero he is the only one who can make me feel alive. He is the one who knows what really happened to Edie, the girl that lost her innocence and the will to feel safe. Only in his arms am I able to feel cherished, safe and loved. He is my boy yet in so many ways we have grown and though he said he will wait for me it feels like our time of waiting is coming to an end. Can I be the girl that saves this beautiful boy from pain and make him see that he is the man I have dreamed of one day to love me forever?

Three books it took us to get to Austin Stone and have to say A.L. Jackson did not disappoint at all. We saw him first in Book 1 as a boy trying to feel like he belonged in this world but not really seeing the real Austin Stone. It takes a strong woman like Edie to see this boy is destined for more yet is being pulled back in the past. The loss and sorrow he feels everyday is heartwrenching yet in so many ways it is because of this loss that makes him what he is now. The love he has for Edie is not your typical romance but one of heart and soul between them. Now Edie is exactly what he needs for when they are together they are in sync with one another not just through music but ther own way that speaks beyond words. The love they have is what comforts them to move on yet in a way A.L. Jacksons shows us that no matter how many years have gone by their love just grows stronger like the waves growing higher they keep getting pulled back together in a way that binds them forever. I loved it and cannot wait for more by this talented author for in so many ways she not only shows loss, heartache and pain but shows us with love anything is possible.


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