Forever and Ever Book 28: To Be With You by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 28: To Be With You by E.L. Todd
162 pages
Ebook and Print
3 1/2 moons

Now that Lexie knows how much I love her and want more I don`t want to lose her. We started as friends but that time we were apart almost killed me. I know she won`t say it but it hurt her as well. If it wasn’t for Jared bringing us back together I don`t know what I would have done. Having her back with me makes me feel something I never felt not even with Beatrice. Can I prove to her how much I love her everyday without being too clingy to her?

I vowed to Trinity that I will always protect her yet I feel I am not the man to keep her safe. She says she still loves me but how can she after I give her a bruised eye. It was an accident she says but I am supposed to keep her safe yet  failed that as well. I know what happened in our honeymoon still scares her and I need her to be the strong woman she used to be before all this went down. Can I be the man she needs to help overcome this fear or be the one that hurts her?

I always admired, respected and loved Cayson but this is too much. I always knew he would do big things but to marry my daughter and then leave her is unacceptable. Skye says she is okay wth him going to another country and though what he is dong is remarkable there is danger everywhere. Everybody expects me to be happy but all that matters is Skye`s happiness and him leaving like this is not right at all.

I feel like in any mnute a bomb is going to explode. I am so pissed that Jeremy is doing this and though Ward says everything will be okay it definitely doesn`t feel like that right now. The only thing keeping me sane is Ward`s loving and telling me all will be okay. I know once everybody knows I was a stripper shit will hit the fan especially when my father finds out. The waiting is the hardest part ever and it scares me that everybody will look at me differently now.

Okay have to say throughout the whole book I felt lke Clementine about to explode from waiting Jeremy`s next move. I mean here she is eight months pregnant supposed to be a joyous event and this idiot is making things worse. Ward beautful sexy man he is being there for her no matter what happens loved him to pieces. Sean now I didn`t expect this kind of behavior from him and am quite surprised he is acting like this towards Cayson. It is a remarkable thing he has worked hard to achieve and for Sean to do this is like wow totally didnt see that happening. Now Slade and Trinity who would have thought he would change so drastically and love it. I loved how protective he is to Trinity and trying his hardest to make her feel safe again. Cannot wait to see what is next with all these three.


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