Forever and Ever Book 30: Forever is Not Enough by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 30: Forever is Not Enough by E.L Todd
162 pages
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

After meeting Beatrice`s father I know how important family is and now that I am with Lexie I want to know hers. Everytime I keep asking she backs away. Not sure why she doesn`t want me to meet them but man once we do I totally understand why. My poor Lexie has never felt real cherished for all the attention is on her sister. As family goes parents should love their children equally like my father yet her family well is messed up. Can I convince her that she is the main one in my life and will love her forever?

Losing Lexie was the hardest thing ever but seeing that she is happy with Conrad brings me a little comfort. I know they mean well but bringing Beatrice into my life is not what I need nor her. Yet even though we said we will just be friends I am starting to feel something I haven`t felt since Lexie. Beatrice is timid and though she says she is feisty I am slowly bringing her out of her shell. I know we are friends but she is the only one who understands what I am going through.

I know my little Abby is having a hard time with Lydia dead but I am trying my hardest to make things normal. Silke knows how things are right now but not her teacher. No matter what I say or do Abby`s teacher wants more from me.  I am a one woman man and Silke is my forever. Jealousy has never been Silke`s best feauture but I love that she is protective of me. I know it is wrong but  I cannot tell Silke about the teacher`s seductive plan. Can I keep the peace in my life and still have things back to normal?

Five more weeks and the wedding to my best friend is coming near. I always  knew this day would come and always imagned Trinity as my maid of honor. Sure the bridal shower is not fun like hers was but all that matters is I will soon be Mrs. Cayson. It is all I have dreamed of the wedding, the shower, the house next to my parents what could go wrong.

The wedding is coming near and so excited for Skye and Cayson cannot wait. Arsen, poor guy cannot help being so hot, sexy and well a hot dad even I want him. Everything is going slow and he is trying his best to be there for Abby even though it is a struggle. I loved that Silke is giving him time but a girl can only wait for so much. Now Conrad have to say he is a man who doesn`t want much but wants his Lexie to know he is hers forever. The love they have is in so many ways new yet scary at times. Both have been hurt and are still easing into this new relationship. Cannot wait and the best part is now we have one more wedding after this Ward and Clementine soon. Cannot wait for more of this series.


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