Gallagher Brothers Book 1: Love Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan

Gallager Brothers Book 1: Love Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan
September 13, 2016

I had it all once upon a time. I had the beautiful wife, the best relationship with my brothers and the cutest little girl ever. Everything was great until she got sick. Now years later I am still stuck in the same place I was when I lost her. It is not right that I am alive and she is gone. She was my light, my laughter and now with the date of her loss coming by I don`t want to live. The thing is my brothers won`t let me stay in misery. I know they mean well but this is my way to grieve. I thought this year would be the same but somehow it is proving to be more with a spitfire like Blake Brennen. Restoring her house was supposed to be just a job but somehow she has gotten under my skin.   She is feisty, sexy, beautiful and all tattooed the kind of woman I would hook up in a minute but she has secrets. Being with her is hot nothing I ever experienced with my ex-wife but every time I want more she shies away making me wonder exactly what is she hiding.

It has been years since I was in that home and for good reason. Hiring the Gallagher Brothers to restore my childhood home was supposed to be just a job but the Montgomery`s forgot to mention Graham Gallagher. Talk about sex on a stick and all tattooed like I like he is everything that I cannot have right now. My main goal is to be a better person and to be responsible for it is not just me anymore but someone else. I know people think I come from money but they are so wrong. It is because of money I am running tryng to not make permanent marks in town but somehow Graham has gotten under my skin. He is supposed to be just a fun guy in the sack but somewhere along the line he is making me feel loved and cherished. Once he knows my secret though will he still see me for who I really am or dump me once my secrets are revealed.

Bad boys seem to be a common thing lately and Carrie Ann Ryan sure knows how to create them in makng them sexier than ever. The Gallagher Brothers are like the Montgomery`s and this is a great spin off starting with the grumpiest, broodng and oh so sexy Graham Gallagher. He is the oldest of the brothers but carries so much heartache and pain I just wanted to hug him all night. He comes off grumpy and stubborn but a woman like Blake is everything he needs right now. She comes from money but that is all about her for like Graham she comes wth heartache and yet they complete each other. You would think a tattooed woman like her will only attract scumbags but Graham is exactly what she needs in her life. The love they have for one another is stronger and the passion well Carrie Ann Ryan sure knows how to make it hotter than ever. If you like the Montgomery Ink series be warned the Gallaghers will blow you away.


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