A Fairfield Orchard by Emma Cane

A Fairfield Orchard by Emma Cane
384 pages
4 moons

She never saw this coming. Rob was her everything yet because of him she distanced herself from her family and career. Coming back to the family orchard is not just a time for her to find herself but to make the family business a success. Her father already did his time and now it is up to us to make it bloom again. Problem is that not many people want to spend their vacation apple picking and learning about the orchard. So when Professor Jonathan Gebhart says Thomas Jefferson might have walked on her family’s `s orchard land it might just be what she needs to get their business back up. The more she works with him and her family’s history she is learning how much she missed researching the past and being in close contact with a handsome man like Jonathan. Can she make her business a success and still keep her heart intact?

It has been months since Jonathan has felt that spark. The one where you meet someone and everything falls in place. Being with Amy he is feeling more than a spark and is wonderng what exactly is happening. Like Amy he has one goal in mind and that is to get his book published and show proof that Thomas Jefferson walked her land many years ago. He has always loved history and what made them so popular and in so many ways Thomas Jefferson is somewhat of an idol for him. Amy understands his dreams for she has one to make her family orchard a success again but no one expect the chemistry between them. She is unlike his ex and now that he knows more about her Jonathan wants more than just her giving him glimpses of her family history. Once the book is done though can he just go back to his lonely life in books or learn to love again?

This is Emma Cane`s new series about a family who is trying to make things right again but learn how to be a family again. This starts with Amy the beauty and brains of the family yet lonely in so many ways. She is learning from her past in love and somehow has sworn of love until she meets Jonathan. He is everythng she would have gone for if it wasn`t because of Rob showing her love can ruin things. Now being with Jonathan she is feeling all things and is torn between being there for her family or for herself. Jonathan is unlike the usual men for all his life has been centered in books and well Thomas Jefferson. He is unsure how to handle Amy and is afraid of beng in love again. These two were funny to read and sweet at the same time. Emma Cane is starting off a series that is sweet, funny and romantic in every way for there is more than just Amy in this family. Cannot wait to read more about the family especially Amy`s brother who is an actor trying to lead a normal life at last. Loved it.


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