Called Up by Jen Doyle

Called Up by Jen Doyle
4 moons

Friends, friends, friends must keep saying that every time I look at Angelica “Fitz” Hawkins. For years she is the one  I can count on no matter the situation. My wing girl in so many ways she knows me which is scary. Somehow though I am seeing her in a different light. Could be the tank top she is wearing and the sexy dance she is doing but somehow I see her as a woman now. Not just any woman but one I want to sleep with and wake up to the next morning and the day after. Not sure how it happened but Fitz is becoming more than a friend for me and people are noticing. I am used to bedding any woman but Fitz is one woman that I feel like I am forever chasing. One kiss is all it takes to make me know for sure she is the one for me. Everytime I think she feels the same way she goes one step back. Can I prove to her that I am not like her father that the love I have for her is real and forever?

I am not sure how it happened but my best friend just kssed the hell out of me. The make-your-toes curl-fuck-where-am-I type of kiss. I wasn`t prepared for it but secretly have dreamed of happening since high school. I am Angelica “Fitz” Hawkins also known as the half sister of baseball player Nate Hawkins. Ever since my parents died in a tornado my life has never been the same yet no matter what terrible things or lies I had to endure in school Deke was always there. He was the one man who I could count on and never for a minute thought things would change between us but man that kiss. One kiss is all it takes for me to want more from my friend and though it is wrong I want him like a drug. I have to stay away though for no matter how messed up it is it won`t go nowhere. I am the girl nobody wants and he is a womanizer. Will love ever happen for real or is still aways just a fairytale?

This is my favorite kind of story the ones where it starts as friendship and blooms to something else. Deke and Fitz though have an unsual friendship that borders between brother sisterly, love hate and explosive all combined. I loved that one minute they can fight so easily yet confuse the hell out of each other so quickly. The love they have is like they can complete each others words without actually saying it and yet they cannot deny the attraction any longer. This is a first I have read by Jen Doyle and definitely will not be the last. Talk about hot sexy players and the girls have no chance of staying away from the love they want to give out. Loved it.


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